Spider-Man Suit Clad Floridian Washes Roof During Rainstorm

A Spider-Man fan from Miramar, Fla. attracted attention on social media after donning the iconic Marvel character's costume in order to pressure wash a roof during a rainstorm.

A video and photo of "Spidey" living up to his title as a friendly neighborhood superhero by washing a citizen's roof, despite the rainy weather, was posted to Instagram by user George Martinez, who wrote, "It's pouring with lightning and thunder in the background. I look out of my window... and see this."

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In the video, two voices can be heard debating whether the man is actually tethered to the roof, or if he's fully committing to being Spider-Man by going without a safety cable.

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It was later learned that the man behind the mask was a worker at a local paving and pressure washing business. "He's the father of a friend of mine who owns a cleaning company," Martinez told Fox 35 Orlando. "He got the suit for Father's Day and, well, the rest is history!"

After the original post gained some traction, Martinez kept the fun going by uploading a humorous meme to his Instagram page using the still image he had previously posted.

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It's well known that Spidey has a penchant for photography and pizza delivery. However, given his wall-crawling abilities, he may have missed his true calling by not pursuing a career in home maintenance. Luckily, he apparently has fans willing to answer that call of duty.

(via Fox 5 Atlanta)

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