Spider-Man struggles with life in Cairo in amazing photo series

With a metro population of 20 million, Cairo suffers from all the traffic, pollution and noise problems you'd expect from the wold's 10th-largest urban area. Even lifelong residents can find daily life in the city's crowded streets to be a struggle. But how would a superhero fare in Egypt's capital?

That's what 20-year-old Hossam Atef set out to discover in a series of photographs depicting Spider-Man -- actually, 21-year-old chef Atef Saad -- as he experiences a normal day in Cairo, running to catch an overcrowded bus, finding a place to sit on the Metro and driving a tuk-tuk, among other activities.

"Even Spider-Man could not take it in," Saad told Ahram Online. "In fact, all Egyptians are superheroes for enduring these difficulties every day," Atef added.

The photos were shot over four days, during which Spider-Man was forced to flee from school children, and they were questioned by police. They plan to continue the series.

Check out some of the photos below, and more on the Antikka Photography Facebook page.

(via BBC News)

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