REPORT: Spider-Man Spinoff Silver and Black to Include the Wild Pack

It looks like Silver Sable will be getting some backup in order to deal with the Black Cat in Sony's forthcoming Spider-Man spinoff film, Silver and Black.

The Hashtag Show is reporting that Silver Sable's team of mercenaries, the Wild Pack, is slated to appear in full. It was already known that two characters related to the group, Powell and Klein, would be in the film. Now, it appears that the studio is taking the plunge and bringing in the entire crew.

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Previous reports on the film's plot have Silver Sable being tasked to hunt down the Black Cat before the two team-up. It would make sense, then, that the Wild Pack would be involved in Felicia Hardy's capture.

The group's roster is expected to include Doug Powell, Lorna Kleinfeldt, Chen, Arnold and Sable's uncle Morty. Powell will serve as Sable's right-hand man, and Morty will be the group's executive assistant behind the scenes.

The report also states that Mendell Stromm will be the film's main villain. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn and Oscorp are expected to play a role in the film, with other villains to be included as well, including the Tarantula and the Scorpion.

The film will take place in Sony's Marvel Universe, a offshoot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that loosely ties to Marvel's shared universe.

First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #265 in 1985, the Wild Pack later co-starred in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, an ongoing series that lasted 35 issues from 1992 to 1995. A Marvel Legacy one-shot, labelled as Issue #36, will arrive in late 2017.

While plot details and a release date have yet to be officially announced by Sony, February 8, 2019 is said to be on the table.

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