Spider-Man: 5 Best Members Of The Sinister Six (& 5 Worst)

Otto Octavius learned that he could not defeat the Spider-Man alone pretty early in his villain career. That in mind, Octavius took it upon himself to get all the best villains together and start the ultimate villain team with one goal in mind: defeat the Spider-Man. The Sinister Six first appeared as a team in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

Since the group first started, there have been many renditions of the team, be it the original six or a handful of rip-offs. Here is Spider-Man: 5 best members of the Sinister Six (& 5 worst).

10 Best: Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter's real name is Sergei Kravinoff. He is a Russian hunter who is known as one of Spider-man's most infamous villains. His first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 in 1964. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

With superhuman strength, agility, and durability, he is often seen with the Sinister Six. Recently he was the main villain of the Marvel event Hunted where it appears he was finally laid to rest for good. However with a clone of himself now roaming the Earth, it's safe to say the Marvel Universe will never be free of this hunter's traps.

9 Worst: Clown

The only known name for Clown is his surname: Franklin. He is the half brother of Eliot Franklin, a member of the Circus of Crime. After Eliot called it quits on the clown, Franklin took his place. When not a part of the Sinister Six, he is sometimes seen with the Zodiac team.

With no superpowers, he is often seen using guns to combat superhumans. He is a part of Marvel NOW'S Sinister Six and just like his brother, he has shown a multitude of psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies.

8 Best: Vulture

Adrian Toomes is the Vulture and has become more popular than ever since the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. He first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man #2 and if one of the original Sinister Six. He was not always a criminal though. In fact, he was just an owner of a small electronics company with his friend Gregory Bestman, that is until Greg got involved with money laundering.

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Adrian's greatest power is his intelligence. One of his best inventions is a flying device that allows him to get around town and commit crime easier than ever. He also has super strength thanks to the very same magnetic harness that allows him to swoop through the skies of New York.

7 Worst: Trapster

Trapster was a part of the Sinister Six in Marvel's Civil War run. Peter Petruski was known as the Paste-Pot Pete in Strange Tales #104 before he made his debut as the Trickster in Fantastic Four #38. Peter had his first run-in with the Human touch when he was selling a new type of missile to the Soviets.

The Trapster has no superhuman abilities, but is extremely smart. Much like the Vulture, he invented his own weapon with the use of his knowledge in chemistry. In battle, he uses a paste gun that glues things together instantly, which is cool if you are a kindergarten teacher.

6 Best: Morbius, The Living Vampire

Michael Morbius, another Sinister Six member, is a scientist from Greece. Michael had a debilitating blood disease that he tried to cure with an experimental healing treatment that consisted of vampire bats and electroshocks. When the experiment didn't go as planned, he became a pseudo-vampire.

When Morbius was on the Sinister Six team he was just a holographic stand-in. Mojo and Chameleon kidnapped Spider-Man and his X-Men students in order to fight them on a reality tv show they created to fight the Sinister Sixty- Six. Even though Morbius was just a hologram, he was by far the greatest member of the team.

5 Worst: Boomerang

Shocker and Boomerang Deadly Foes of Spider-Man

Boomerang's real identity is Frederick Myers. In his childhood, he was moved from Australia to America where he became obsessed with baseball. Throughout his childhood, he learned of his incredible throwing arm. After high school, he joined the minor leagues but was kicked out for accepting bribes.

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His departure from baseball is what turned him to the life of a criminal. Boomerang started his on Sinister Six group but was defeated by Spider-Man. While he has a remarkable throwing arm, Fred has no superpowers. While he has some great boomerang-throwing skills, he is nothing more than a very athletic human.

4 Best: Mysterio


Quentin Beck was an incredible stuntman with a knack for special effects. Marvel fans saw Mysterio on the big screen for the first time in Spider-Man: Far From Home. When Quentin got sick of his stuntman job he turned to villainy. When he first began as a villain, he tried to frame Spider-Man for robbing a museum, but his plan did not end up working.

As is consistent with many other members of the Sinister Six, Mysterio has no powers. That said, he makes up for it with his skills in special effects, acting, mechanical engineering, and chemistry. With a resume like that, he has been a great villain for Spider-Man.

3 Worst: Armadillo

Antonio Rodriguez's first appearance was in Captain America #308. Not a lot is known about Rodriguez before his life of villainy except that he has a criminal record and was a professional wrestler. Armadillo wasn't a part of the original Sinister Six though, but a part of Boomerang's rip-off version. 

Armadillo got his powers from Dr. Karl Malus under Power Broker, Inc in which he was merged with an armadillo. In the procedure, he became a man-sized armadillo with superhuman traits, including the ability to lift 25 tons and sprouting claws. While his powers are cool, his appearance and armadillo-ness are laughable.

2 Best: Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius is one of Spider-Man's most famous villains. Octavius graduated from M.I.T and become an Atomic researcher. He is one of Spidey's best villains because he is the founder of the original Sinister Six team. He has had an extensive history with Spider-Man, even going as far as to merged brains with Peter Parker at one time and become the Superior Spider-Man.

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Otto is a genius in a variety of sciences as well as an engineer and a radiation specialist. Doctor Octopus created a harness that is made up of four mechanical arms that are extremely powerful.

1 Worst: Human Fly

The Human Fly is part of Marvel NOW's Sinister Six team. He is exactly what his name suggests: a human fly. His real name is Richard Deacon and before he was the Human Fly, he was a petty criminal at best. He first meets Spider-Man in a failed kidnapping attempt and is shot by the police and left for dead.

After almost losing his life, he sought revenge on Spider-Man by becoming his natural prey: a fly. He can fly, climb walls, and has superhuman strength--and do not forget his acid spit and compound eyes. This villain is gross and was never a match for Spider-Man.

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