Spider-Man: His 10 Best Sidekicks, Ranked

Despite often being a team player, Spider-Man isn't really known for his sidekicks. Unlike other iconic heroes, Spider-Man has almost always worked alone. Usually, due to his younger age, Spider-Man is portrayed as actually being a sidekick to larger than life superheroes.

Over the years, Spider-Man has teamed up with other heroes who could be considered sidekicks, however. Although this is a rarity, there have been some great characters that Peter Parker has mentored. Many of them have gone on to have successful careers after their time with the web-slinger. Here are 10 of those characters ranked!

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Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds is Peter's best friend in the films. He's been nicknamed "the man in the chair" because he is often the web head's hacker, sitting in the chair helping out Spider-Man with his technological skills. In the comics, Ned has been the Hobgoblin which many fans are hoping to see in the third film.

As Peter continues to grow as a hero, after his adventures in space and beyond, Ned has continued at around the same level. Therefore, he's become more and more of a sidekick. Spider-Man is really starting to get into his element and he can help Ned along the way. He can either become an even greater guy in the chair or perhaps something far more sinister.


There are so many variations of MJ in the comics and in the films and even video games. The PS4 version of the character is a budding journalist who usually throws herself into trouble. While she is very talented she is often the sidekick to Spider-Man that has to deal with that trouble.

In some alternate universes, Mary Jane has actually had spider related powers. In one spin-off MJ is Spinneret a character who is still married to Peter Parker. They fight crime side by side in spider costumes and she started off her career as Spider-Mans sidekick, although it's fair to say she is now his partner.


It may seem like an odd choice to put Deadpool on this list, but Peter Parker and Wade Wilson have teamed up many times. However, their general outlook on how to fight crime is very different. Deadpool is happy to kill whereas Spider-Man has a number of strict policies.

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When the two are teaming up therefore Deadpool is almost like a sidekick to Spider-Man. Peter is always trying to put Wade on the right path and teaches him a number of lessons about restraint and morality. Despite usually being depicted as younger therefore, Spider-Man has a lot to teach Deadpool.


ben reilly spider-man

The Clone to Peter Parker has had a complicated history. From fighting against him to fighting alongside him, Spider-Man has always been a hero that has defined Ben Reilly. When he decided to carve out his own path though, Peter Parker was a mentor to Ben.

Becoming the Scarlet Spider, the two have teamed up on many occasions. Due to Peter's larger variety of experience, Ben will always be taking pointers from the original Spider-Man. He can therefore be classed as a sidekick although he has no problem going solo.


Miles Morales has existed in the comics, the games, and even a movie. He is the second major Spider-Man to be introduced to the Marvel universe and so he naturally follows in the footsteps of the first. He has been a sidekick on two occasions of note.

The first is in the PS4 game. Here we see Morales before his powers. Peter is very much a mentor to him and it's clear he will serve as a superhero partner in the future. In the Oscar-winning animated Spider-Man film, Morales is also the sidekick to Peter, although this time he is learning how to be a real Spider-Man.


In a completely different reality, Peter Parker has a child called May. The young girl is a mutant as she's inherited her father's spider abilities. She's from the MC2 universe and fights crime as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Girl.

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Before her father left the hero life it could be considered that May was a sidekick to him. She's learned everything from her father's career and has tried to follow in his footsteps as best she can. She's a lot more competent than many heroes on this list but has become much more than just a sidekick.


Much like May Parker, in an alternate universe, Anna-May is the daughter of Peter and MJ. This is the same universe in which Mary Jane is Spinneret. In this world, Anna is super-powered just like her parents and sometimes joins them on crime-fighting missions.

As Spiderling, she is very much one of Peter's sidekicks. She has been learning from a young age how to protect herself and aids in whatever way she can in order to combat the villains of this reality. One day she will be a valiant hero but for now, she is safer as Spider-Mans number two.


Spider-Bite may be an unfamiliar name for many readers. However, his introduction was one of the best stories in recent memory. During the issue that he is featured in, Spider-Bite is a much younger version of Spider-Man and he helps the webslinger on a dangerous mission.

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The two fight crime side by side, defeating a number of well-known villains. At the end of the issue, however, it's revealed that young Spider-Bite, is a boy called Nathan. The whole issue had been him and Spider-Man playing, as Nathan is suffering from cancer and Peter had come to visit the hospital. It's a touching story with a worthy sidekick.


Much like Deadpool, Felicia and Peter have a complex relationship both in and out of their costumes. When the Black Cat and Spider-Man are fighting crime together, Black Cat has to be the sidekick so that she stays in line with Peter's many rules.

Felicia is forever a hero in training. While she always makes good progress she usually reverts back to her old ways of cat burglary and crime. She's chosen the morally good decision on multiple occasions but her choices never seem to stick.


Andy Maguire is the closest to an official sidekick that Spider-Man has ever had. The name is comically a reference to both Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire who have played the webhead on the big screen in past films.

Nicknamed "Alpha", Andy is actually the most super-powered hero on this list. However, he is flawed and complicated and nowhere near the man that Peter is. The two eventually parted ways as Alpha needed to find his own path.

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