<i>Spider-Man</i> Set Photos Reveal Peter Parker &amp; Gwen Stacy

The first Spider-Man set photos of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy were potentially quite revealing of the film's plot; if you'll remember, Gwen was in the thick of a funeral surrounded by equally mournful police officers, indicating to some that Captain George Stacy won't survive Marc Webb's comic book adaptation.

Today brings some new photos from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man reboot, but rather than showcasing too many spoilers — unless you count Peter and Gwen making kissy-face a spoiler — we're instead getting our first look at Andrew Garfield on the set as Peter Parker. It's not exactly the most dazzling image of all time, as Garfield more or less looks like he always does: tall, lanky, impossibly big hair. But the chemistry between Garfield and Stone, based solely on these admittedly static photos, seems pretty solid.

Head over to Total Film to check out more photos from the Spider-Man set.

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