Spider-Man sculpture is artist's thank-you letter to Peter Parker

What at first appears in the photo above to be straightforward cosplay is actually a sculpture created by London artist Hetain Patel using a life-size body cast of himself and a Spider-Man costume composed of words from a thank-you letter he wrote to Peter Parker.

It's part of "The Other Suit," an exhibition of Patel's work on display through Feb. 28 at Chatterjee and Lal, a gallery in Mumbai, India. The show also includes video installations, "The Amazing DIYers," depicting both teenagers and Patel creating movie-accurate Spider-Man costumes, as well as photos of the artist in costume with his grandmother. However, the sculpture would seem to be the centerpiece.

"The sculpture, 'Letter to Peter Parker,' is the result of three months of hand writing a thank you letter to Peter Parker, the man behind Spider-Man’s mask," Patel explains to India's Mid-Day. "The words patterned to form the costume are stretched over a cast taken from my body. Where Parker puts on the mask to hide his identity, I thank him for creating a mask that diverts attention from my aim of disguising my skin color."

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