Spider-Man Says "Checkmate!" With Sota Toys

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Official Press Release

Do you know about SOTA Toys and our incredible Spider-Man Chess Set?We'd love help getting word of it out to the world.

This dynamic, original chess set features 16 different characters (plus8 Spider Tracers and 8 Spider Slayers) and a beautifully sculpted chessboard that recreates a roof top battle between good and evil.

This product is sure to be the centerpiece of any Spider-Man collection.The chess board features a sculpted lid that lifts off to reveal astorage space for all of the chess pieces. Made of high-quality pewter,these chess pieces are nearly unbreakable.

Production is strictly limited to 1,000 Chess Sets worldwide.

MSRP: $499.99. Ages 14+.

This collectible is currently available for pre-order at sotatoys.comand will be available for sale at gift shops, comic stores, fineboutiques and online stores.


King: Spider-man (red & blue)

Queen: Symbiote Spider-man (black)

Knight: Punisher

Knight: Moon Knight

Bishop: Daredevil

Bishop: Black Cat

Rook: Cloak & Dagger

Rook: Blade

Pawn: Spider Tracer


King: Green Goblin

Queen: Doctor Octopus

Knight: Scorpion

Knight: Sandman

Bishop: Electro

Bishop: Lizard

Rook: Venom

Rook: Rhino

Pawn: Spider Slayer

SOTA Toys, innovative creator of some of the most respected products inthe collectibles market, has obtained a license from MarvelEntertainment to create the most detailed chess sets ever based onMarvel properties.

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