That Time Spider-Man Robbed a Jewelry Store Because He Had the Flu

In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all!

Today, we look at a really odd choice by Spider-Man.

So, a common trope in Spider-Man's history has been the whole "Oh my god! He's given up on being Spider-Man!" or "Oh my god! His identity has been revealed!"

In Amazing Spider-Man #87 (by Stan Lee, John Romita and Jim Mooney), Spider-Man has been getting weaker and weaker, and he has presumed that something is wrong with his powers and that they are going away. At the same time, though, he has to make it to Gwen Stacy's surprise birthday party. What Spider-Man doesn't realize is that he is just suffering from the flu. So he IS sick here and not in his absolutely best state of mind. However, I don't think that that quite explains him then deciding to break into a jewelry store to steal a pearl necklace...

Now, I am ALL about "conflicted morals" Spider-Man. I live for that junk. The look of euphoria on his face when he thinks Flash Thompson is going to be killed in Amazing Spider-Man #5? I am all about that.

But there's "Oh man, it'd be great if that jerk who bullies me ends up dead due to his own stupidity. Crap, no, I have to save him" is a lot different from, "My Spider-Powers are fading, I guess I should break into this jewelry store and steal a pearl necklace." I mean, sure, he changed his mind AFTER ALREADY BREAKING IN, but it's still wildly inappropriate behavior and I don't think "He had the flu!" accurately explains it away.

So anyhow, he then admits to his friends that he is Spider-Man...

Then he finds out he has the flu and is NOT losing his powers...

And then he had the Prowler help clear his name...

I love how his excuse is, "No, no, I'm not Spider-Man, I'm just a horribly unethical photojournalist! See? It's all much better!"

Very odd stuff.

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