Spider-Man PS4: 10 Costumes We Wanted (And 10 We're Glad Didn't Make It)

Spider-Man has one of the most iconic superhero looks of all time. The blue and red suit, the spider-web design and the large eyes are recognizable the world over. No matter how the costume has varied over the years, Spidey's brand remains, at its core, the same. The longevity of the look and the success of the wall-crawler has cemented Spider-Man as a visual pop culture icon outside of his comics. Over the years, different takes on the suit have appeared, whether re-imagined by an artist or changed depending on the context of the story. Fans have become attached to particular costumes and there is an abundance of suits to choose as a favorite.

With the amount of suits available, it would have been hard to include them all in the new Spider-Man title for the PS4. However, a good number of Peter Parker's outfits made it into the game. We got to see the Mk III armor from Ends of the Earth, Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider costume and even two Marvel Cinematic Universe suits. The introduction of the Photo Mode alongside this array of visuals makes for an encouraging aesthetics-based environment. Players worldwide have been showing off their pictures from the game, clad in their personal favorite suits. There are, however, suits that we'd have liked to see included, but there are also some fashion disasters that we'd rather not see in a Spider-Man game ever. With that in mind, let's look at costumes we'd love to see in Spider-Man PS4 and others we'd like to keep away from our consoles.

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spider-man FF
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spider-man FF

During a particularly difficult period for the Fantastic Four following the apparent passing of Johnny Storm, they needed a fourth member. The team was so used to working in the four-person format that they wanted to maintain that while still honoring Human Torch. So, they changed their name to Future Foundation and drafted in Peter.

A longstanding friend of the team, Peter was a great fit. The suit made for him by Reed Richards looked great too. The white and black suit looked amazing; it was futuristic-looking without the aid of external tech. Somehow the eyes looked more bug-like despite only subtle changes to them. This one became a highlight in Peter's wardrobe.


bombastic bag man

While a fun novelty costume, again from an instance where Peter joined the Fantastic Four, it's hard to see the value in the costume without context. In the story he appeared in as the Bombastic Bag Man, it was very amusing and had its place. However, in Spider-Man Ps4, this wouldn't be the case.

There are funny/outlandish suits in the game at the moment, but adding more than there already are would take away a slot from a suit fans might want to play the whole game in. Bombastic Bag Man might be cool for a Twitch streamer to do a lighthearted play-through with, but past that it may go unused.


A fan favorite costume, the Bullet Points Spider-Man outfit is a unique number in the Spider-suit array. Used by Bruce Banner rather than Peter, this suit hails from an alternate universe where Bruce became Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker. Bruce is bitten by a spider that survived a gamma bombing and after he learns to control his powers, he joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

The pale purple and black suit looks wonderful and would look great in both the day and the night sections the game moves through. Regarding the Bullet Points suit, Bruce Banner himself once said "You're sure this outfit doesn't look too busy?" No, Bruce, it looks awesome.


There's not much of a variation on the regular costume on this one, but it is quite different, visually. Less of a costume change and more of a transformative cosmetic one, this suit would give Peter four extra limbs. Though in his comics, six-armed Spider-Man's extra limbs afford him great versatility, even allowing him to save Gwen Stacy in his universe.

However, with most of the animations in the game geared to regular Spidey, the extra limbs would look odd. They might clip into Peter as he swings unless they animate this costume independently. While it would be a nice touch to have that attention shown to an alternate suit, it seems unlikely.



This one is possibly the most iconic alternate suit in Spider-Man's history. There's a lot of love for this particular suit and it appears as an alternate cosmetic in many games involving Spidey. There are a few darker costumes in the game already, but the history this one represents gives it it gravity.

There may be a good reason it was omitted, however. In the after-credits scene of the game, we see Harry Osborn suspended in liquid with what appears to be a symbiote trying to bond with him. They may be saving the suit for the sequel, so Peter may meet the symbiote very soon.



This costume isn't so much a Spider-Man suit but rather a costume used by Peter Parker to hide his identity. Donned during the "Identity Crisis" story-line, Peter decided to try out being a different hero for a spell. One of his attempts was Ricochet and it was a very interesting attempt, indeed.

Opting to use disc-like projectiles attached to the costume -- hence the name Ricochet -- Peter thought throwing things at crime would be his new passion. It didn't last long, making it not really worthy of an inclusion in the game. Even if it was included, it might not have allowed us to throw the little discs at people. It actually sounds fun the more we think about it, which is maybe why -- at least aesthetically -- it has featured in previous Spidey games.


Over the course of the game, playes experience the compelling and tragic descent of Otto Octavius. That downward spiral progresses so much that he becomes Peter's nemesis and the final confrontation is between the two former friends. Otto even reveals he knows that Peter is Spider-Man!

It would have been a nice nod to the Superior Spider-Man story if the Superior suit was unlocked upon defeating Otto. We doubt that this particular story will take place in the sequel, so putting the suit in any other way would be nice, but not as fitting. Perhaps a missed chance, we hope to see it appear in the future.



Another of Peter's attempts to reinvent himself during the events of the "Identity Crisis" story, this costume came with wings. The suit also came with what looked like a re-purposed cycling helmet and sometimes smaller wings on each gauntlet for better flight maneuverability.

If included in the game, it may have needed to have its flight functions animated and programmed into the title (though it hasn't in previous games). Swinging around when the suit clearly has flight capabilities would feel a tad redundant anyway, of course. Regardless, swinging around New York feels a lot more fun than flying, so neither the suit nor its flight functionality should be included.


Armored Spider-Man

There were several versions of the Spider-Armor included in Spider-Man PS4, including the Ends of the Earth and the Worldwide iterations of the armor. However, the original silver and black version of the armored web-slinger is nowhere to be found.

Admittedly the suit is a tad outdated, looking very much like a product of its time; of course, that is part of its charm. The suit was also created at Empire State University, which the game references and uses a lot. It has both links to Spidey's history and the in-game world, so it wouldn't have been out of place, despite its dated look.


Spider-man Dusk

The final entry on this list regarding Peter's foray into reinventing his persona, Dusk is a lot edgier than his previous attempts. There wasn't much visually to this costume as it was black all over, with some under-arm wings. Though some fans enjoyed his under-arm webs in other costumes, this was not as endearing.

As there isn't much flash or distinction to this costume, including it may not have been worth it. Dusk looks like former Avenger Stingray dipped in some black paint. We've seen Peter pull off darker costumes like the symbiote suit or the noir suit, but this certainly isn't his best ensemble.


A stand-out in the Spider-Verse event in the comics, the Spider-Man of India has a very aesthetically pleasing take on the traditional Spider-Man costume. Pavitr Prabhakar wears a longform shirt sporting the colors and emblem of the spider with white pants. The mixture of red and dark blue on the torso and the white of the pants is a nice combination.

He keeps the costume together at the waist with a white belt and the entire costume seems made for taking pictures. The flowing nature of the outfit would have been wonderful for the Photo Mode, especially for snaps taken mid-combat.


Spider-Man Miles Morales costume

This entry is a little different, as the costume itself is excellent. Miles' black and red costume is a beautiful take on the regular costume of Peter Parker. From the change in tone from brighter colors to a much more understated, stealthier design and the style of the red trim on the chest and gloves, we're big fans of this suit.

The reason we're glad it didn't make it into the game is that Miles doesn't reveal he's gained Spider-powers until the credits. Having Peter able to parade around in Miles' suit before Miles even has a chance to wear it just seems wrong.


One of the most interesting spins on the Spider-Man concept to come out of the Spider-Verse comic event, Gerard Way's Sp//dr piqued the interest of fans of web-slingers everywhere. Peni Parker co-piloting a suit alongside an actual spider was a strange take, that's for sure, but for whatever reason, its weirdness resonated with fans.

The Evangelion-inspired mecha-suit is a lot bigger than a usual Spider-Man costume, so it may have looked clunky in-game. Regardless, its popularity afforded the costume a return in Spider-Geddon, the sequel to Spider-Verse. We'd have loved to pilot the Sp//dr suit around New York; it certainly could have given Rhino more pause for thought.


The concept of the Captain Universe suit is very cool. With almost unlimited cosmic energy via the Uni-power, who wouldn't want that level of omnipotence? The issue with the suit is more in its look than anything else.

Where other alternate suits for Spider-Man are recognizable regardless of the colors or armor, this suit feels the need to remind us that its spider is at the helm with an awkward mouth patch. The rest of the suit occupies the characteristics of the usual Captain Universe suit, but with the regular Spider-Man red and web patterning over his mouth. It's an odd design choice and a bit unnecessary.


Civil War Spider-Man

During Secret Wars, the heroes of Earth 616 and other realities were transported to a world of Dr. Doom's design called Battleworld. Its territories were a patchwork of What If...? type areas including one such territory where the superhuman Civil War had never ended.

In this reality, Peter isn't seen in his Spider-Man suit. Instead, he uses what looks like a take on the MCU version of Falcon's wings to get around in places where there are no buildings to swing from. Acting as Steve Rogers' right hand, he helps protect their new nation, known as The Blue.


cyborg superman

Cyborg Spider-Man had a rough time during Spider-Verse, having his life snuffed out by the Inheritors. Though he looked alright during the event, the classic appearance of the character isn't as timeless. Sporting a metal arm and an awkward bandanna, this costume is a little garish... to say the least.

Other suits like the Mk1 Spider-Armor have aged endearingly, with their dated looks lending to a certain nostalgia. However, Cyborg Spidey's look is a little busy, on top of the fact he's a bit dated. There's a little too much going on for our liking and we doubt his extra abilities would come with it.


The most recent addition to the Spider-Man versions gallery in the comics, this particular look is an amalgamation of two heroes. During the events of 2018's Infinity Wars, several heroes are bound together. For Arachknight, the heroes that are bonded together are Spider-Man and Moon Knight.

Not only does Arachknight look cool, the fusion combines two very capable street-level heroes. So, due to that fact, both their looks aren't something unusual for the streets of New York. It would also be a cool nod to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, where the player could call on Moon Knight for assistance in fights.


Next up we have an entry from the Marvel 1602 title series. This Spider-Man is a Scotsman by the name of Peter Parquagh, an orphan raised by his uncle Ben. He was afforded a better future than he could have hoped for when he was recruited by Sir Nicholas Fury. He would later operate as a hero in his own right, under the alias "The Spider."

Though no stranger to fighting Octavius in his own era, this costume seems a bit too period-specific for an inclusion in Spider-Man PS4. Additionally, the costume looks a little goofy with the large pants and Shakespearean theme. There's a reason we left neck ruffles in the past. Sorry, Mr. Parquagh.


Spider-Man Avengers Versus X-Men

One of the coolest things in videogames, if done correctly, is cosmetic battle damage. We've seen it done expertly in the Arkham titles for Batman and in games like Sleeping Dogs. While there is a battle-damaged version of Peter's original suit in the game, it only has a few tears and scuffs on it.

Spider-Man's suits have taken quite a beating over the years, but one of the most dire states it's ever been in was during Avengers Vs. X-Men. His heroic stand against the Phoenix-empowered siblings Colossus and Magik was definitive of his heroic nature and willingness to give himself in service to the greater good. It also made for a spectacular comic cover.


Shang-Chi and Spider-Man

This costume was used briefly in the Spider-Island story arc. It was the attire Peter opted to wear while training with Shang-Chi, developing something called Spider-Fu. Though Peter has fought many villains over the years, he thought it was about time he actually focused on learning to fight properly.

Being able to leverage his powers and refined combat skills, this would give him the development he was looking for. The suit itself isn't much, just some pants, no shirt and a bandanna. The bandanna does admittedly look cool but it looks more like an alternate costume for Iron Fist rather than Spider-Man.

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