Spider-Man PS4 Gets His Selfie On in Photo Mode Trailer

Peter Parker is right up there with Jimmy Olsen as the most famous photojournalist in comic books and the upcoming Spider-Man video game on the PlayStation 4 capitalizes on the webslinger's day job.

The latest trailer for Insomniac Games' superhero title showcases Photo Mode allowing players to pause mid-game and take screenshots of the action from multiple angles and apply multiple filters, emojis, and comic text to share online.


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In addition to creating customized screenshots and selfies, the new mode also gives players the ability to create mock comic covers and panels of the action, bringing the open-world superhero game closer to its comic book roots.

It is unknown if this gameplay feature will figure into any side missions for game's narrative itself including ways for Peter Parker to earn some easy money but it's a given that the added mode will have J. Jonah Jameson even hungrier for photos of Spider-Man in his ongoing agenda to brand the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler as a menace.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is scheduled for release on September 7.

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