Who's the Spider-Man Game's Mystery Villain?

The newest gameplay trailer for Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man expanded on the cast of villains players will be going up against. Aside from Mister Negative-- revealed as one of the game's prominent antagonists early on-- the trailer unveiled Electro, who attacks Spider-Man and Yuri and led the superhero on a chase through the Raft prison.


During his flight through the supermax facility, Spidey encounters Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture. They each throw a couple of strikes before fleeing, evidently to the rooftop where, joined by Mister Negative, they all ambush the wall-crawler. Each one of them is surprisingly well-equipped with armored suits, a fact that isn't lost on Spidey. It becomes clear that they're being led by a mysterious figure against Spidey, though, as Negative reveals, "He said not to kill him."

What appears to be a new iteration of the Sinister Six, is led by someone familiar to the wall-crawler, as the end of the trailer reveals when Spider-Man looks up and says, "Wait, you?" So, which of Spider-Man's classic foes is it? Whoever they are, they've clearly got access to money and technology which narrows it down to several classic Spider-Man villains, some of which have already been subtly revealed in early trailers.


The first and most obvious suspect is the Kingpin, who hates Spider-Man for his constant interference in his operations. Wilson Fisk was shown in the game's teaser trailer back in 2017. He was being pushed into a police car, seething and reminding everyone that he kept order in New York. Although that trailer revealed he was behind bars, anyone who knows the Kingpin will know that a little thing like prison wouldn't stop him from acting to destroy his enemies.

His ability to work from the shadows has been explored everywhere from the comics to cartoons and in some of those, he's been shown as an associate of sorts to several incarnations of the Sinister Six. He was a part of the Sinister Sixty-Six in Spider-Man and the X-Men #3 (written by Elliot Kalan, artwork by Marco Failla and Ian Herring) and was shown to be the leader of the kid-friendly version of the supervillain team, the Insidious Six, in the 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Kingpin leading this iteration of the Six wouldn't have come out of nowhere.

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