Spider-Man PS4 Promo Reveals Mayor Osborn, Hints At Black Cat


Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is making a big impact at this week's E3. In addition to a big gameplay demo that revealed most of the game's Sinister Six, special Daily Bugle stations have graced the convention with fake newspapers that contain articles revealing information about the game, including a look at Norman Osborn and a tease of Black Cat.

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A digital copy of the paper on PlayStation's website offers a first look at Osborn, who is making a bid to become New York's mayor for a third time in the game. It's unclear if he has been or ever was the Green Goblin when the Spider-Man game starts; as the game opens, Peter has been operating as a hero for nearly a decade. The E3 demo ended with an unidentified figure meeting Spider-Man after he was pummeled by enemies he put away in prison. Many have assumed this figure will be Green Goblin.

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Later in the paper, a write-up from Betty Brant reveals Felicia Hardy is doing what she does best: stealing from the Big Apple's most wealthy and elite. In the game, there will be Black Cat-inspired collectibles for players to acquire, but it hasn't been said if she'll make a physical appearance in the game or will remain unseen, not unlike the Riddler in the first Batman: Arkham game.

Spider-Man swings onto the PS4 on September 7.

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