Spider-Man PS4 Could Launch a Marvel Gaming Universe

Spider-Man Insomniac PS4

As Sony's Spider-Man prepares to swing into action later this year on the PlayStation 4, the creative behind it hint that it could be the start of a Marvel universe of gaming titles.

Hyped as the biggest Spider-Man game to date, fans will play as a more mature Peter Parker as he leaps across the New York skyline to take on villains like Norman Osborn, Shocker and Mr. Negative. The inclusion of playable characters like Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales confirm that Insomniac Games is creating a whole world of storylines, but Spider-Man might continue long after the game hits shelves in September.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann played coy about where the franchise could go next.

“[Marvel Studios] tacked on that Nick Fury scene at the end of Iron Man but did anyone think it would culminate in The Avengers? Or now Avengers Infinity War? That was a pipe dream. The first intention was, let’s just make the best Iron Man movie. We’re approaching it the same way... Let’s just make the best Spider-Man game."

It is interesting to note Rosemann's reference to 2008's Iron Man, which led to the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a guide to where Insomniac could take Marvel's video game franchise. Spider-Man promises to litter the game's backdrop with fun Easter Eggs that allude to a bigger world of heroes and villains, meaning that some very familiar Marvel names and places can be found in the game.

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"It is the New York that you want Spider-Man in," Rosemann emphasized. "If you’re a Marvel fan coming to play this game you’ll see familiar names and logos and locations and we’re lucky that you’ll see, oh, that is the Sanctum Sanctorum?! It’s not going to be a focus but you’ll be able to swing by it. You’ll feel like, this isn’t just any New York City, I’m in the Marvel universe. This is Marvel’s New York. There will be a lot of elements that will make you feel like it’s part of a larger story.”

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is scheduled for release in 2018 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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