Spider-Man PS4: The 15 Hardest Enemies (And How Best To Beat Them)

The latest entry in Spider-Man's video game library is arguably the best yet made. That's saying something seeing as the game was only recently released and has competition with more than 30 years of video games related to the character. Most of those games aren't the greatest in the world, but a few of them were spectacular leaving the developers for the PS4 game a high bar to achieve. They not only hit that bar, but they also leaped over it and swung on as only Spider-Man could! The game features some of the best action, web-swinging, and character development in any Spider-Man game yet made. The story plays out like a movie and the characters are engaging and fun to play/watch. It truly is an amazing game with some excellent bosses and enemies players get to take on.

When it comes to Spider-Man, there are plenty of enemies to choose from. He has one of the largest rogues' galleries in all of comics, which left the developers with a difficult task: choosing who to include. They went with the Sinister Six, but altered some of the members a bit from their original roster. Engaging these villains in battle sets off specific plot points in the game, but the bosses are hardly the only enemies you get to play with! After playing through the game in its entirety, we came up with these 15 hardest enemies (and how best to beat them). Fair warning, True Believer: this article is full of SPOILERS related to the gameplay and overall story for Spider-Man on the PS4. Read at your own risk if you haven't completed the game.

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Early in the game, a bunch of bad guys find rocket launchers that somehow fire an inexhaustible supply of rockets at the player. Rocket launching enemies present a significant problem early on in the game. When the player is targeted by a rocket, a box slowly forms around Spider-Man until it locks on and becomes red. At this time, you can dodge the rocket, but it takes timing.

As the game progresses, it becomes easier to deal with rockets thanks to a skill upgrade that allows you to web them and chuck the rocket back at an enemy. While this makes them easier to deal with, they become more prevalent as the game progresses. The best way to deal with them is to constantly stay above ground and keep an eye on incoming attacks or you will be spammed with rockets.



Snipers are introduced in the game early on, but they aren't the toughest enemies to take on. That's mostly thanks to the handy laser they use to target the player. You can see if they are pointing in your direction long before your Spider-Sense even needs to warn you. As the game progresses, they not only become better at their jobs, their accuracy and damage inflicted increase exponentially.

Dealing with snipers will always require dodging their attacks. In the beginning, this will require webbing up to their location and taking them out, but after some upgrades, you can dodge and immediately attack them. When they fill the city after chaos rains in the third act, it's best not to stay in one place for too long.


Spider-Man PS4 Demons

When the game progresses to the point of Martin Li's coming out party as Mister Negative, the player is introduced to the Demons. This group of thugs is more powerful and better armed than the standard-issue bad guys who are attached to the Kingpin's operation. They carry heavy automatic weapons, rocket launchers, and negatively-charged weapons capable of blocking webbing attacks.

When engaging a Demon, it's best to get them from a surprise vantage point. You can web them up easily enough and remain undetected, but if you are seen, you need to go to blows with them. They will spam you from all sides so it's important to keep an eye on your Spider-Sense and dodge, dodge and dodge. As the game progresses, they become much easier to fight, but in the beginning, they are far more difficult.



The first time you meet up with the likes of Adrian Toomes' Vulture and Maxwell Dillon's Electro, it's little more than a cutscene about two thirds into the game. You end up avoiding some debris and electric blasts as the Sinister Six finally reveal themselves, but it isn't the only time you engage these two villains.

When Spidey confronts Toomes & Dillon, they engage in a tag-team battle. To defeat them, you have to constantly swing around the area while getting close enough to web them. If you don't spam them with webbing, you won't be able to touch them at all. After swapping one enemy for another, you eventually get to a point where the two are able to be defeated. It's not the most difficult boss battle in the game, but it takes a great deal of concentration to complete.


Scorpion Spider-Man PS4

Scorpion first appears in a dastardly cutscene where the Sinister Six reveal themselves. Following this, he pops up when Spidey gets on the trail of Doctor Octopus. The fight that breaks out between Spider-Man and Max Gargan, aka Scorpion, doesn't play out like any others in the game—it's rather unique and interesting, but mostly because it isn't a boss battle.

After Gargan slashes Pete with his stinger, you begin tripping like crazy. The player then has to move quickly through the city looking for ingredients for an antidote. What follows are a series of tasks the player must complete in order to make the antidote, which takes you into a toxin-induced world where you have to fight multiple Scorpions at once. Defeating them allows the game to proceed to the point where you battle Scorpion in the real world.


Rhino and Scorpion Spider-Man PS4

When the player finally confronts Scorpion IRL, he comes at you in a tag-team battle alongside Rhino. Battling the Rhino is no easy feat seeing as you can't hurt the guy without first slamming heavy equipment on top of him. To beat Rhino, you need to coax him into slamming into something—basically, treat him like a bull with you being the matador. When he's stopped, pull something down on top of him and get to wailing on the big guy.

Scorpion will fire nastiness at you the entire time you battle Rhino, which means you have to constantly jump around and dodge the entire fight. When you can get to him, you need to fire gadgets and webbing so you can engage. Once you are given the ability to hit him, do so repeatedly and he will eventually fall.



Silver Sable isn't actually a boss or enemy you need to fight in the game, but her lackeys are a pain in the spider-butt. When they first appear, the player comes to blows with them pretty quickly leaving them to become a constant thorn in Spider-Man's side. Over the course of the game, it becomes necessary to neutralize Sable troops all over the city before you finally team up with Silver Sable herself.

That doesn't take place until the very end of the game, which means you have to spend more than half your time battling her well-equipped, rocket-launching, jetpack-hovering jerks. Using gadgets against them is usually the best way to handle their antics, but it never hurts to hurl mailboxes or whatever happens to be lying around in their general direction.



Screwball is an annoying villain you can only fight if you decide you want to. She's in a side-mission, which pits Spider-Man against the dangers of social media and the Internet. She entices Spider-Man to her location only to place him in a position where he has to save a captured victim. Screwball set the whole thing up, but denies culpability insisting her fans are to blame.

After completing a series of tasks involving the removal of various explosive devices, Spider-Man is attacked by random viewers (thugs). Once every task is completed and the thugs are defeated, it's revealed there never was a victim; it was Screwball all along! She's arrested and is more than happy to have gone viral. It's a fun side mission players should definitely check out, but one of the weirdest villains in the game.



Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, is the only person holding the city of New York in a state of relative calm. When he is taken out, it opens the city up to more gangs and further events that play out throughout the game. His value was in his ability to maintain order, which is something Spider-Man doesn't exactly take into account at the beginning of the game.

Overall, the boss fight between Kingpin and the player isn't difficult. He is essentially a super-brute, but the battle takes place as a sort of tutorial mission for the game. Players aren't as familiar with the controls as they eventually will become so the fight can be difficult. The best bet in beating him easily is to focus on objects you can throw at him, stay in the air and keep moving.



When you meet up with Herman Schultz's Shocker in the game, he's robbing a bank. Unfortunately, he recently upgraded his equipment, which leads to a rather impressive boss fight. This battle requires the player to constantly find debris and sling it at the Shocker. You can't touch him until you do so because of the energy field he generates throughout the battle.

After a series of dodges, near misses and debris hurtling, the player gets the opportunity to make contact. It doesn't last long and multiple attempts are required to literally bring the ceiling down on him. Once you have the opportunity to web some heavy artwork affixed to the ceiling, you pull it down on top of him, which finishes the fight.



Martin Li's Mister Negative is one of the least satisfying enemies to fight. He is a tragic character who happens to employ Aunt May at FEAST. As the game plays out, his role as Mister Negative comes out and he becomes responsible for the death of Miles' father as well as many other people in the city. Ultimately, Spidey needs to take him out, which he finally does when the two fight on a subway train.

This fight requires a great deal of dodging. Li's powers drain him every time he uses them to try and take Spider-Man out, which leaves openings for the player to attack. Dodge his assaults until you see an opening and then just go to town on him. Several cutscenes will play out until he finally succumbs to the blows Spidey rains down upon him.



Tombstone is responsible for creating a rather impressive APC, which is why Spider-Man eventually breaks into his garage to see what's going on. Before confronting the man whose skin can't be broken, the player has to first battle his henchmen who are boosted by a chemical made to simulate Tombstone's powers for a short time. When this happens, the player acquires an antidote, which becomes important in the boss fight.

When things get ugly between Spidey and Tombstone, the player has to zip around the tight spaces of the garage while hurtling things at the enemy. It's difficult to harm him in any way, but you need to get close enough to eventually administer the chemical. Once this happens, Tombstone takes damage and backs down from the fight, but not before the place goes up in flames.



Taskmaster is another side-mission the player doesn't have to fight... of course, doing so is the only way to acquire the incredibly valuable Challenge Tokens, which is why you pretty much have to fight him sooner or later. He appears with a series of challenges spread across the city. By the time you knock out half of them, he shows up to fight.

The first fight with Taskmaster isn't all that difficult seeing as he only engages Spidey to acquire his moves. When all challenges are completed, the second fight kicks off, which is much more difficult. It requires the player to constantly avoid Taskmaster's attacks. You can't engage him directly for most of the fight, and can only do so after a successful dodge. Eventually, he is beaten, but goes on his way after the fight.



The first time you fight Mister Negative, he goes to the Raft, but he doesn't remain there. After the breakout, he joins up with the Sinister Six and tries to obtain his final vengeance against Norman Osborn. When Spider-Man fights him for the second time, he's stronger, more dangerous and desperate to accomplish his goal.

Not only does he create a plethora of dark minions to attack the player, he transforms himself into a giant negative energy demon. To fight him, you need to constantly dodge his assault while grabbing things to throw at him. He eventually wears down, which allows you to attack. This needs to be repeated several times so the best way to handle it is to shoot out some drones to deal with the minions while you focus on Li.



By the time Spider-Man confronts Doctor Octopus, he's sporting a fancy new suit. He also has a number of injuries and is beaten and tired, but that doesn't stop him from saving Norman Osborn from the fanatic Doc Oc. The fight moves to the top of the Oscorp building and requires a LOT of dodging and the use of gadgets. Fortunately, the new suit's ability allows the player to renew all their gadgets at the push of a button.

After the initial battle, the fight moves to the side of the building where you need to constantly dodge while landing blow after blow. It's long and difficult, but the payoff is amazing. At the end of the fight, the cutscene plays out like a full-fledged movie. It's heart-wrenching and wonderful all at the same time.

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