Spider-Man PS4 Game will Feature Multiple Costumes

Spider-Man proved to be one of the biggest attractions out of E3 this year when PlayStation closed out its conference with an impressive nine-minute array of the wall-crawler's upcoming gameplay mechanics. Spidey was shown using not only his super powers, but also his intelligence as he took down enemies from stealth while craftily using pieces of the game's environment to his advantage. The game received rapturous applause both within the conference, and was warmly received when its footage debuted online.

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The title looks to be one of the most heavily-anticipated Marvel games ever, however, there is one piece of the puzzle that isn't sitting right with a large portion of dedicated Spider-Man fans -- Peter Parker's striking new white logo. Many Spidey purists have been vocal on social media with their dislike of the cosmetic change, but it now looks like gamers won't be forced into donning the brazen new suit. The project's development studio, Insomniac Games, confirmed on Twitter that players will have multiple costumes to choose from during their friendly-neighborhood adventures.

While many will be happy at the idea of alternate costumes being in the game, this report contradicts a previous one made by the developer. A few days ago, Insomniac assured players that the white logo possessed story implications and would be fully explained when the game released.

This poses an intriguing dilemma: What exactly could be the new logo's purpose if Insomniac's suit isn't mandatory? Could alternate designs be a feature unlocked during New Game Plus modes? Could they be relegated to challenge maps such as those found in the Batman Arkham series? Gamers will simply have to patiently wait and see, something that is becoming more difficult in the midst of Spidey fever with Spider-Man: Homecoming now less than a month away.

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is scheduled for release in 2018 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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