Spider-Man PS4: 10 Easter Eggs Worth Finding (And 9 Fans Can Skip)

Spider-Man Sanctum Santorum

Everyone with a steady pulse is playing Spider-Man, and it's easy to understand why: never before has a game managed to truly capture the feeling of being Spidey quite like Spider-Man. But it's not just the adrenaline-pumping fights and rewarding web-slinging that has people raving about the game. In fact, it's the game's deep, unabashed love for all things Spider-Man that has fans and critics raving. Developer Insomniac Games crammed Spider-Man with costumes, references, and shout-outs to the Web-Head's years of adventures, leading to a menagerie of easter eggs for fans to find and obsess over.

But as players have their hands full juggling Peter Parker's personal life, chasing down baddies, and trading punches with goons, there's only so much time to go searching for easter eggs. With a massive map crammed with activities, players have to gauge whether swinging to the other side of the map to see a referential billboard is really worth it. Thankfully, CBR is here to take the guess work out of the Spider-Man easter eggs. With so many easter eggs to see, we've whittled it down to the 10 hidden secrets you absolutely need to see, as well as the 10 humdrum, yawn-inducing easter eggs you can pass. So if you're thwipping through the Big Apple looking for Spidey secrets, this is the list for you.

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Spider-Man is the kind of game with so much content, it can make your head spin. From active crimes to taking selfies with civilians, Spider-Man certainly isn't lacking in ways to keep you busy. But one of the game's less publicized features hides a fun easter egg that hints at potential big things in the game's inevitable sequel.

From the game's menu, players can access Spider-Man's Twitter feed, allowing gamers to pour through hundreds of tweets. Hidden in the avalanche of tweets, you'll find occasional diatribes from J. Jonah Jameson, with responses from JJJ's astronaut son, John Jameson, better known to hardcore Spidey fans as Man-Wolf. The tweets reference the fact that JJ is currently in space, which could hint that Man-Wolf could be right around the corner.


Spider-Man Empire State University

In between the battles with Shocker and the wall-crawling of New York, Peter Parker found time to pursue a higher education. Yes, Spidey isn't just book smart; he's got a degree to back him up. But while the concept of Spider-Man dealing with collegiate life is fun, it doesn't make for a particularly exciting easter egg.

While thwipping around the Big Apple, players can stumble upon the distinguished college of Empire State University. As Spidey's alma mater, the web-slinger has nothing but good things to say about ESU, and curious gamers can poke around the college campus. But, aside from the novelty of finding such a Spider-Man lore deep cut in the game, Empire State University doesn't offer anything particularly interesting. This yawn of an easter egg is definitely skippable.


Spider-Man Taskmaster

Don't let the goofy skull-mask-and-cape combo fool you: Taskmaster is one of Marvel's most fearsome baddies. With the ability to replicate any human movement he witnesses, Taskmaster has amassed a wealth of fighting knowledge, cementing himself as one of the MU's most deadly martial artists. But Taskmaster doesn't always need to engage in battle to learn the skills of an opponent; sometimes, he can learn about his target surreptitiously, as players discover in a Spider-Man side mission.

By stumbling around New York, Spider-Man can discover challenges that test his reflexes and speed. Turns out, these are no mere tests; instead, they were designed by the mercenary Taskmaster to learn more about Spidey in order to take the web-slinger down. By completing all of these challenges, players can square off against Taskmaster in a boss battle for the ages. Considering this optional side mission can be missed entirely, we recommend keeping an eye peeled for this easter egg.


Kingpin Spider-Man

Oh Kingpin, how far you've come. While Wilson Fisk may be regarded as a physically imposing genius tactician these days, there was a time when he had to rely on more than his brute strength to hold his own in battle. Spider-Man includes a sly nod to Kingpin's roots, but it's so humdrum, it's barely worth checking out.

There was a time when Kingpin was notorious for his weaponized cane, dubbed the Obliterator. Topped with a massive jewel, the cane can fire concussive blasts, lasers powerful enough to melt steel, and even deploy sleeping gas. Fisk was apparently quite found of the cane in Spider-Man, as the weapon can be found by Mary Jane in the Kingpin's auction lot. Problem is, it just kinda... looks like a cane. It doesn't do anything in the game. It's not particularly interesting. This easter egg is a fun throwback, but it's a snore.


Spider-Man Sanctum Santorum

On the list of best comic book bases, Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum tends to rank towards the top. The iconic home of the Sorcerer Supreme has been lording over Greenwich Village since 1963, serving as a staple of Marvel's New York. While Strange himself may not pop up, the presence of his home can definitely be felt in Spider-Man.

Looming over the streets of the Big Apple, the giant Sanctum is almost impossible to miss. Featuring its famous Eye of Vishanti window, the Sanctum Sanctorum definitely stands out among the high rises and apartment buildings. If Spidey snaps a picture of the house, he'll remark, "I always get the feeling something strange is going on in that place." Dr. Strange fans shouldn't miss this iconic Marvel landmark easter egg.


While Peter Parker might call himself a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, he's far from the only hero running around New York City's neighborhoods. Daredevil serves as a silent guardian of New York, and as a lifetime New Yorker, he's had plenty of experiences in the city. One of Matt Murdock's most defining moments occurred in Clinton Mission Church, which players can opt to find in Spider-Man, although this unassuming church can definitely be skipped.

Murdock's mother, Margaret Murdock, would become born again and took off to become a nun, serving at the Clinton Mission Church. Later in his career, Daredevil would encounter his mother at the church, leading to a serious crisis of faith for the Man Without Fear. But in Spider-Man, the Clinton Mission is just an easily missed church parked on a back street. With so much to see and do in Spider-Man, don't waste your time with this forgettable easter egg.


Spider-Man Screwball

Modern Spider-Man villains don't always get a fair shake. Writers tend to gravitate towards Spidey's classic rogues gallery, leaving modern foes unused. Thankfully, Spider-Man decided to share the bad guy love, featuring Mr. Negative prominently and a smaller, even more obscure modern Spidey baddie in an easy-to-miss easter egg side mission.

Debuting in 2008, Screwball is a social media-obsessed villain who commits crimes to the delight of her legion on online fans. Like her comic counterpart, the Screwball found in Spider-Man puts the Wall-Crawler through fights and tests, all in the name of picking up views. In a game choked with Spider-baddies, this short side mission can easily get lost in the shuffle, but this fun easter egg is worth looking out for.


The sky is blue, water is wet, and Jessica Jones is a mess. The surly P.I. can never seem to get her life in order, whether it's in the popular Netflix show or in Spider-Man. But while this easter egg makes for a fun tip-of-the-hat to the fan favorite investigator, it's far from essential.

Nestled between unassuming brownstones, you'll find Alias Investigations, Jones' forever-in-trouble P.I. firm. With a sign scribbled on cardboard and past-due bills taped to the front door, it looks like Jones' hasn't quite managed to get her life together. Still, while this easter egg does an excellent job of capturing Jones' character, it's the kind of easter egg you'd miss if you weren't looking for it, on account of the building being so forgettable. Hardcore Jessica Jones fan may get a kick, but this easter egg is far from essential.


Spider-Man Nelson and Murdock

When you think Marvel's New York, two heroes tend to come to mind: Spider-Man and Daredevil. Patrolling the mean streets of the Big Apple has caused these two classic heroes to cross paths and team up numerous times, but despite the history these two characters share, Daredevil is nowhere to be found in Spider-Man. But that doesn't mean he isn't out there.

Spider-Man includes two prominent easter eggs referencing lawyer by day/vigilante by night Matt Murdock, with Spider-Man finding an old business card for Murdock's law firm, Nelson & Murdock, in one of the game's collectible backpacks. Gamers with a keen eye can also find the firm's headquarters, labeled with a small sign, hiding on the streets of New York. Horn-Head may not cross paths with Spidey, but these easter eggs assure players he's definitely out there.


Spider-Man Damage Control

When a superhero and super villain throw down, wrecking everything that gets in their way, who do you call in for clean up? Why, Damage Control, of course! A long time bit player in the Marvel Universe, this unique company managed to pop up in Spider-Man, but the easter egg is so boring it's barely worth the effort of finding it.

Always ready to patch up buildings and haul off debris in the wake of a super-human battle, Damage Control has been cleaning up the Marvel Universe since 1988. As players web-sling through the streets of New York in Spider-Man, a large building can be found emblazoned with the Damage Control logo, denoting the building as the company's corporate headquarters. While it's a fun shout-out to an obscure corner of the Marvel U, this easter egg isn't particularly interesting, making it easy to skip.


Spider-Man Uncle Ben Grave

With great power comes great responsibility. These words from Uncle Ben have served as Peter Parker's guiding principal, helping him to become the (Spider) man he is today. As Spider-Man picks up years into Parker's web-slinging career, players never get to see Uncle Ben. But his presence can definitely be felt with the saddest easter egg in the game.

Nestled in the upper north side of the game's map is a small graveyard, where players can find the gravestone for Uncle Ben. When found, Spider-Man will address his departed Uncle, letting Ben know that he misses him and he's trying to make him proud. It's a small moment, but this easter egg provides a perfect encapsulation of Spider-Man's commitment to his family. It's sure to break your heart, but this easter egg is worth the trip.


Symkarian Embassy

Marvel is filled to bursting with interesting and varied locales. Wakanda! Latveria! Atlantis! With so many unique countries, you might be scratching your head as to why Spider-Man includes a shout-out to one of the Marvel U's most forgettable locations.

As New York is home to plenty of embassys, the inclusion of Marvel-specific embassys makes plenty of sense. But seeing Symkarian embassy in Spider-Man is less of a "hey, neat!" moment and more of a "huh. Really?" This deep cut easter egg refers to the oft-forgotten home country of Silver Sable, who players see plenty of in Spider-Man. Still, Spidey fans weren't exactly chomping at the bit for an obscure easter egg for this C-Grade Black Widow wannabe, making this shout-out a yawn.


Spider-Man Lockjaw

There are few art pieces in New York as iconic as the Charging Bull. Located in New York's bustling Financial District, the bull has become a fixture of the Big Apple, serving as an iconic image of New York City. But if players should decide to go check out the bull in Spider-Man, they will find a very different statue in its place.

Yes, in Spider-Man, it would appear the Charging Bull never was; rather, players will find a giant bronze statue of the resident slobbering teleporter of the Inhumans, Lockjaw. With throngs of tourists gathered around the statue, the Charging Lockjaw appears to be just as popular as its real world counterpart. A fun, expected shout-out to the goodest boy in the Marvel U, this is an easter egg worth checking out.


Venom Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson has one of the strangest evolutions of any Spider-Man character. Starting as Peter Parker's high school bully, Thompson and Parker would eventually become friends, before Thompson lost his legs while deployed, only to eventually be recruited by the government to become the gun-toting Agent Venom. Despite being such a large part of Parker's life, Flash is nowhere to be found in Spider-Man, but he does get a quick shout-out in a particularly forgettable easter egg.

Within the walls of F.E.A.S.T., Peter can explore and interact with a variety of characters and items. On the second floor is a tackboard loaded up with flyers. Interacting with the board allows players to view the selection of employment opportunities, leading Peter to quip that he's glad people are helping the less fortunate, mentioning that Thompson is spearheading a group that helps veterans. Sure, this little hint that Flash exists in the Spider-Man universe is fun, but this blink-and-you'll-miss-it easter egg can definitely be skipped.


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still getting accustomed to the introduction of the futuristic African nation of Wakanda, the Marvel comic universe has felt the presence of T'Challa's kingdom for decades, cementing Wakanda as an important world power. Turns out, Wakanda isn't hiding in the Spider-Man universe, either, as the country can be found with its very own embassy.

Even in a city notorious for its litany of impressive buildings, the Wakandan Embassy still manages to stand out. If the large building, furnished with inlays of gold, doesn't catch your eye, the distinctive Wakandan flag certainly will. The building also features a a plaque next to the front door, topped with, you guessed it, a panther. While Black Panther doesn't pop up in Spidey's adventure, this fun easter egg confirms he's definitely out there somewhere.


Spider-Man Marriage Proposal

Ah, love. It makes people do crazy things. For instance, it could make a man reach out to Insomniac Games, request the company help him propose to his girlfriend, causing the company to slip in an easter egg for the couple. But here's the problem with love: it doesn't always last. But apparently Insomniac Games didn't get this memo.

Yes, what started as a sweet, sincere declaration of love via triple-A video game easter egg quickly spiraled out of control. Spider-Man fan Tyler Schultz asked Insomniac Games to hide "Maddie, will you you marry me?," which the developer happily did, only for the couple to break up months before the game's release, leading to a very public spat between the two over who was at fault, with Insomniac Games opting to potentially patch the easter egg to avoid further drama. All in all, this easter egg is just a big bummer, so you'd be well off avoiding it all together.


Spider-Man Avengers Tower

Spider-Man may call New York home, but even the most determined wall-crawler can't protect the entire city at all times. Sometimes, a threat calls for a more unified response. Sometimes, a threat calls for: The Avengers! Just not in this game. But don't despair! One can't-miss easter egg lets players know that the Earth's Mightiest Heroes exist in the Spider-Man universe.

Almost impossible to miss, the towering headquarters of the Avengers looms over the New York skyline. Emblazoned with the iconic logo of the Avengers, the impressive building is certainly fitting for Marvel's premier super team. While Iron Man and the gang are nowhere to be found in Spider-Man, this easter egg is impressive enough to satiate even the most hardcore of Avengers fans.


The Bar With No Name

There are disappointing easter eggs, and then there is The Bar With No Name. But in the defense of Spider-Man, it would be difficult to do The Bar With No Name justice. After all, it's just a nondescript bar. It's what's inside the bar that's exciting, and players never get to see this in Spider-Man.

Tucked away in a seedy New York backstreet is The Bar With No Name, the preferred watering hole of super villains everywhere. When Electro or Tigershark need a drink and a safe space to swap war stories, this is where they come. But due to the clientele of the bar, it features an unassuming storefront, with just a simple unmarked door and no signage. Sure, it's a fun nod to an obscure aspect of Marvel's New York, but a simple door under some graffiti isn't the most visually interesting easter egg in the world, making this an easy pass.



"Oh great," we hear you say, "Another useless collectible in an open world game." Not so fast! Video games may be filled to the brim with collect-a-thons, but Spider-Man peppers its world with a collectible that serves as a treasure trove of Spidey easter eggs.

Hidden throughout the Big Apple are Parker's high school backpacks, webbed to various buildings when the hero was thwipping off to fight crime. The bags contain a wealth of Spider-Man throw-backs, ranging from Parker's original web shooters to references to classic bad guys, these collectibles serve as a love letter to Spidey's adventures. Finding these bags takes work, but any fan of the Wall Crawler should take the time to find these wonderful easter eggs.

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