Peter Parker Gets The PS4 'Advanced Suit' In Spectacular Spider-Man

Avengers Resistance

While the United States of this alternate timeline was complacent under a fascist rule which presented itself as democracy, there were still heroes fighting back against the corrupt government, led by Captain America — sporting an Infinity War-esque beard — Doctor Strange and Ironheart. In order to get our heroes back to their own time and fix their mistakes, the ragtag group of rebels free the one-and-only Doctor Doom from Osborn’s custody, to gain access to his Time Platform and set things right. However, when they arrive at the warehouse which houses it, the resistance is surprised by Norman Osborn and his cronies, which include militarised version of Kraven The Hunter, Doctor Octopus, The Vulture and Scorpion.

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Using his knowledge of Spider-Man’s identity, Osborn kidnapped Gwen Stay — still alive in this reality, married to Peter Parker and a member of Captain America’s resistance — unaware that this reality’s Peter had had enough of sitting back and letting the Osborns walk all over him. Arriving on the scene to confront his greatest enemy, the alternate timeline Peter Parker wears a costume which bears a striking resemblance to the Advanced Costume from the upcoming PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game. Just as the Advanced Costume has its own nifty tricks and surprises, this costume comes with trademark red webbing which just looks real cool. Unfortunately, this is still a Spider-Man who has been inactive for fifteen years, so he’s not the most effective against Osborn’s army of villains who gang up on him pretty mercilessly.

Show Me The Way Home

Thankfully, when our Peter hears Norman Osborn is holding Gwen Stacy hostage, he can’t help himself from breaking away from the efforts to fix the timeline in order to make sure what happened to him and his Gwen never happens again, in any other time. The two Spider-Men work together to fight Osborn’s army, aided by Captain America’s resistance. Unfortunately, Cap gets shot by Kraven, partly due to his Peter’s lack of practice with his webshooters causing him to miss the target. Picking up Cap’s shield, Peter saves his counterpart from the villains and tells him it’s time to go home and put things right.

Thankfully, the heroes learn that Captain America will likely survive his gunshot wound thanks to the intervention of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, Theresa and Jameson head back to their own time to face the Vedomi, leaving this Spider-Man to find his place once again in his world as our Peter takes one last look at a world where he got to grow up and marry Gwen Stacy. Thanks to the nature of Marvel time, it’s unlikely that this reality will get erased once the timeline is changed back to normal. New realities branch off like tributaries on a river, so there’s every chance we’ll see this world again sometime soon — possibly in the upcoming Spider-Geddon event? — and we’ll see how this world’s Spider-Man rises up against a corrupt president who is also his former best friend.

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Honesty, those red webs are just too cool to not come back anytime soon. Who’d have thought that a small change to the color of Spider-Man’s webs would make such a drastic change to how he’s presented?

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