Peter Parker Gets The PS4 'Advanced Suit' In Spectacular Spider-Man

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #305 by Chip Zdarsky, Adam Kubert, Jason Keith, Andrew Crossley and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

As iconic as Spider-Man’s traditional red-and-blue costume is, it’s always great to see him switch it up to something a bit different. When he came home from Marvel Super-Hero Secret Wars with the black costume — which would later turn out to be the Venom symbiote — it started a long tradition of Spider-Man changing his gear depending on what the situation called for. Whether it’s the silver Spider-Armor of the nineties, the Iron Spider outfit he used during Civil War, or his white and black Future Foundation costume, Spider-Man can pull just about any look off.

Later this year, Insomniac Games is releasing a brand new Spider-Man video game on PS4. In said game's universe, a more experienced and worldly Spider-Man has a slightly different costume, referred to as the “Advanced Costume.” This costume, with its trademark giant white spider adorning the chest, is said to have a number of special features which have yet to be fully revealed in the lead-up to the game’s release.

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While Spider-Man on PS4 is still months away, this week’s issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man introduces a comics version of the advanced suit as part of its alternate timeline escapades.

Back To The Future, Too

How we got to where we are is a bit of a journey, so if you’ve not been following Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, let’s catch you up real quick.

The Terrible Tinkerer had been working in concert with an alien race of robots called the Vedomi, who arrived on Earth to wipe everyone out. In order to stop them, Spider-Man went back in time along with his sister Theresa Parker and newfound ally J. Jonah Jameson, in order to get to The Tinkerer early and stop the alliance.

Things didn’t go quite as planned and a number of events happened that shouldn’t have, mostly because Peter decided to team up with his younger self and use his knowledge of the past combined with his adult experience to defeat his most dangerous enemies before they knew what hit them. This led to the Green Goblin killing the past-incarnation of J. Jonah Jameson and discovering Spider-Man’s true identity, with which he kidnapped Aunt May and nearly killed her.

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Thinking their job done and the day saved, the heroes from the future travelled back to their time, unaware that the whole experience had caused the young Peter to reconsider being Spider-Man. When they arrived in the present, they found a Peter Parker who had retired as Spider-Man fifteen years prior, living in a world where Harry Osborn was President of the United States but operating at the behest of his father.

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