The Most Hazardous Job In The Marvel Universe? Being Peter Parker's Roommate

Mary Jane

Here's an interesting conundrum. After Peter and Mary Jane got married, Mary Jane began to become more successful in her chosen field, including increasing recognition within the modelling world and a recurring role on the daytime soap opera, 'Secret Hospital'. This suggests that Mary Jane must have been making reasonable money, but you wouldn't have known it from their living situation, with the two often ending up living with - you guessed it - Aunt May.

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Even when Mary Jane and Peter did have a place of their own, things weren't always rosy. Peter's Spider-Man duties often left him unable to perform other tasks around the house, and when Mary Jane's income managed to secure them a swanky penthouse apartment, Peter continually fretted about whether they could afford to pay for it.

Randy Robertson

Having a father like Robbie Robertson must be both a blessing and a curse. While Joe is one of the most morally upstanding characters in the Marvel Universe and a real nice guy, it's a fair bet that others find it hard to live up to this standard. That was certainly the case with his son, Randy, who in a cunning move decided to become roommates with Peter Parker, obviously thinking that he couldn't fail to look good when compared with ol' King of the screw-ups Parker.

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Unfortunately for Randy, he got more than he bargained for, seeing sights that no man should have to see. No, not yet another supervillain attack, but the sight of a naked, dripping wet Peter belting out 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Add in the fact that Peter's main contribution to apartment decor was nurturing a moldy piece of cheese called Kevin and it's amazing that Randy has once again agreed to move in with Mr Parker. The poor guy must be really desperate.

Vin and Michelle Gonzales

Everyone knows what it's like to meet someone on a friend's recommendation. Somehow they always forget to mention some tiny yet incredibly annoying detail. Carlie Cooper sold Peter to Vin as someone with integrity. What she failed to mention was that he was always broke, incredibly unreliable, and had a tendency to disappear. You know - tiny details like that. In a shocking development, Vin's time as Peter's roommate didn't go well. He was kidnapped by supervillains and ultimately sent to jail after a scheme to frame Spider-Man went awry.

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Vin's sister Michelle proved a refreshing change - namely, a roommate who saw right through Peter's antics and wasn't prepared to put up with any nonsense. True her methods of retribution might have been a little excessive, but let's be honest - at one time or another we've all wanted to sell our roommate's clothing, padlock the fridge so they can't gain access, and put their microscope down the waste disposal.

The above mentioned are only a small sample of the brave souls who have shared living space with Peter Parker. Others, including Aunt Anna, Mockingbird, Johnny Storm and Brian Braddock have also been through this experience and lived to tell the tale, although none of them were ever quite the same thereafter. Our advice to Boomerang? Keep your distance, go for a walk when Peter breaks out Queen's Greatest Hits, and politely decline any cheese he may offer you. It's for the best.

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