The Most Hazardous Job In The Marvel Universe? Being Peter Parker's Roommate


It's fair to say that Peter Parker's housing situation has been somewhat fluid over the course of his long history. While certain characters are closely linked with one residence - such as Doctor Strange at the Sanctum Sanctorum or Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor - Peter has bounced between properties, constantly in flux. One minute he's sharing an apartment with a friend, the next he's chilling with superhero buddies in a hi-tech penthouse, then he's crashing in the spare bedroom at his Aunt May's house.

The preview of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man has revealed that Peter's living situation has changed once again. He's back sharing living space with Randy (son of Robbie) Robertson, and the two are having trouble finding a decent apartment in their rather limited price range. Randy's solution is to sublet the third bedroom, but there's just one tiny catch. Unknown to Peter and Randy, their new roommate is Fred Myers, the supervillain known as Boomerang. Secret identity shenanigans will no doubt ensue.

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But although Boomerang is the nominal 'bad guy' of the trio, does that also mean that he'll turn out to be the worst roommate of the three? Not necessarily. There's a reason why Peter has bounced between so many properties over the years, and it's one that rarely ends well for the poor souls that he's living with. Just ask the following individuals, who have all had cause to regret giving Mr Parker their spare key.

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