Look Back: When Spider-Man Had to Fight Robot Versions of His Parents

This is "Look Back," a brand-new feature that I plan to do for at least all of 2019 and possibly beyond that (and possibly forget about in a week, who knows?). The concept is that every week (I'll probably be skipping the four fifth weeks in the year, but maybe not) of a month, I will spotlight a single issue of a comic book that came out in the past and talk about that issue in terms of a larger scale (like the series overall, etc.). Each week will be a look at a comic book from a different year that came out the same month X amount of years ago. The first week of the month looks at a book that came out this month ten years ago. The second week looks at a book that came out this month 25 years ago. The third week looks at a book that came out this month 50 years ago. The fourth week looks at a book that came out this month 75 years ago.

Today, we look at the time that Spider-Man had to fight robots that believed that they were his parents!

Our story began in the 30th Anniversary of Spider-Man (you know the 30th anniversary was a big deal because it had a freaking HOLOGRAM ON THE COVER...


So 1992's Amazing Spider-Man #365 (by David Michelinie, Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin) sees Aunt May get some shocking visitors...

Seriously, Aunt May is so fragile you would think that a slight breeze would cause her to faint.

Later, Peter comes to visit her and sees that these visitors are his parents! Yep, his his presumed long dead parents are actually alive...

They apparently were just in a Russian prison camp for twenty or so years.

So the next twenty issues show Peter getting to know his parents. However, Aunt May is not so convinced. She hires a private investigator, and the P.I.'s search comes up negative, which is where we are when "Lifetheft" begins in Amazing Spider-Man #386 (by Michelinie, Bagley and Emberlin)...

Now, Aunt May actually had some really good reasons to be suspicious, like Richard and Mary getting some really important facts wrong, but she somehow doesn't bring up any of that in front of Peter here. Peter, as per usual, makes it all about him. "Man, Aunt May having Alzheimer's would be so inconvenient for me!"

That brings us to the next issue, where Peter reveals his secret identity to his parents...

As you might imagine, this is where things get REALLY weird..

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