Comic Legends: What Did Mary Jane REALLY Say to Mephisto?

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Mary Jane actually said something to Mephisto at the end of the original "One More Day."



Many, many moons ago, I did a Comic Book Legends Revealed (the 200th edition - that's how long ago it was, over 400 installments ago!) about "One More Day," the controversial storyline where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson Parker surrender their marriage to Mephisto in exchange for Mephisto saving Peter's Aunt May, who was dying due to being shot by a bullet meant for Peter (his Spider-Sense caused him to instinctively jump out of the way and the bullet hit Aunt May).


Right before Peter agrees to the spell, Mary Jane whispers something to Mephisto...

A popular image was circulated that purported to be what Mary Jane said to Mephisto...

I debunked that, as it was just a photoshopped hoax.

HOWEVER, Rich Johnston reminded me recently that while yes, that bit was a hoax, there actually WAS something written there originally, as a Bleeding Cool reader named Tom Huxley sent an image into Rich to prove.

The letterer, Chris Eliopoulos, just looped "You will make me remember everything" on top of itself.

Later, Marvel revealed what Mary Jane said OFFICIALLY during the "One More Day" sequel, "One Moment in Time"...


But in that first comic book, she does, in fact, say "You will make me remember everything." It's super weird that the hoax almost precisely nailed what was actually written!

Thanks to Tom and Rich for the information!

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