Marvel Adds a New Twist to Spider-Man's One More Day Memory Wipe

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU by Nick Spencer, Iban Coello, Edgar Delgado and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Amazing Spider-Man is gearing up for writer Nick Spencer's first big event story arc with "Hunted," which brings Kraven the Hunter back into the web-slinger's world in a major way. The villain has lurked in the background of the series since it relaunched last year, and he's now ready to unleash his newest hunt on not only Spider-Man, but any and every animal-themed hero or villain in the Marvel Universe.

One of these characters with a close association to Spider-Man is Black Cat. After reigning over the streets of New York as its newest Queenpin of Crime, Felicia Hardy has decided to go straight once again after a team-up with Spider-Man. Though the reader wasn't aware of any unresolved tension between the two, we soon learned Black Cat held an unknown grudge against her former lover. The reason for these hard feelings all lead back to perhaps the most controversial storyline in Spider-Man's history: "One More Day."

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One More Day Is Messing With Black Cat's Head

The quick rundown of "One More Day" is Marvel wanted to end Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane, and used a deal with the devil Mephisto to accomplish this. On top of this, Spider-Man also got Doctor Strange to hide his secret identity again after he revealed it to the world in Civil War. One of the individuals who was directly affected by "One More Day" and had their memories wiped was Black Cat.

No longer able to remember her time with Spider-Man, Black Cat still had a sense she was missing something very important to her. Thankfully, one problem was solved when Peter unmasked to Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #10. Finally, Black Cat remembered who Spider-Man is under the mask. You'd think this was a good thing, but apparently with the good must also come the bad: the restoration of Black Cat's memories are beginning to overwhelm over.

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We've seen various characters like Mary Jane and Harry Osborn rediscover Spider-Man's secret identity, so Black Cat finding out shouldn't be out of the ordinary. However, Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU revealed her situation to be totally different. The influx of Spider-Man memories rushing back to her are bombarding her mind, to the point where it's almost driving her insane, mostly because she can't control how and when they hit her. If Black Cat had any control over the "One More Day" reversal, she would most likely be capable of handling it. But with the memories running in her mind on a constant loop, it's just too much for her to process.

One positive to Black Cat regaining her memories of Spider-Man came when she was captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant. Felicia was able to remember that Spider-Man gave her a special spider-tracer that, once activated, would travel back to him and relay her location. Peter gave it to Felicia just in case she ever found herself in a tight spot, and her status as a captive of the two mercenaries certainly qualifies as an emergency.

We're left to wonder if Marvel plans on introducing even more twists as the repercussions of "One More Day" continue to unravel. Peter and MJ are on the verge of becoming a couple once again, especially when you consider the opening pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1. We'll have to wait and see what else Black Cat ends up remembering from her time together with Spider-Man.

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