10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer showed the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the snap, including the introduction of the multiverse, alternate worlds, and a possible new Mysterio -- a hero from another Earth that is very different than the one that MCU fans have seen.

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While the trailer hints at devastation destroying Mysterio's world, there is always the chance that this is all an illusion, created by Mysterio to trick the heroes and Nick Fury into falling for his scheme. Mysterio, in the comics, is Quentin Beck -- a former Hollywood special effects artist who used his skills to become a master criminal. Here are 10 Mysterio stories MCU fans should read.

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10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read
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10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

The first appearance of Mysterio came in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #13 in 1963. The issue started off showing Spider-Man committing some crimes across the city, which has the police after him and J. Jonah Jameson telling every he told them so. However, Peter Parker is confused and has no idea what is happening.

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It turns out that it is Mysterio who orchestrated the entire thing, using his skills as a special effects artist and pretended to be a hero, trying to stop him. Spider-Man thwarts Mysterio's plans, shows the world who the bad guy really is, and puts Jameson in his place.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

Before Marvel took back over the Spider-Man franchise from Sony, the previous studio was planning to set up a huge villain team up to battle Spidey. They introduced Lizard and Elektro, as well as Green Goblin, and hinted at Doctor Octopus. This would have been the Sinister Six and they were the Spider-Man rogue villains that he fought over his first year of action.

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Mysterio was a part of this group with Doc Ock, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, Electro, and Sandman. It ended up proving how powerful Spider-Man was as he beat all six villains in this special first annual for the Wall Crawler.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

These issues of Daredevil comprise the Guardian Devil storyline. This story was published in 1998, 20 years after Mysterio became one of Spider-Man's regular foes. By this time, Beck learned he had cancer and was dying. He figured he had one last thing on his bucket list -- drive a superhero insane.

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He chose Daredevil and set out with a scheme to send the Man Without Fear crazy. He made it look like a baby was the Anti-Christ, framed Foggy Nelson for murder, and the hired Bullseye, who ended up killing Karen Page. Mysterio went a long way to drive Daredevil crazy and when Matt wouldn't kill Mysterio in revenge, the master of illusion took his own life.

7 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-13

10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

In 2005, a new Spider-Man title arrived called Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and it eventually dealt with Spider-Man's secret identity now being public knowledge, which puts his job at the high school as a science teacher in danger. While people are protesting Spider-Man being allowed to teach their students, he ends up in a battle with a new Mysterio.

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Soon, Spider-Man has to fight two Mysterios -- the mutant Francis Klum, who was the third Mysterio and the second, Danny Berkhart, who wanted to stop Francis as well. However, this issue brought the original Mysterio back from the dead (albeit still with a hole in his head) to help convince a new school nurse (Miss Arrow, who later became The Other in the Multiverse) to keep Peter employed at the school.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

Possibly the most important comic books to read following the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is the Spider-Men series. This is because it deals not only with the Multiverse but with Mysterio crossing over between two different Earths -- and it includes the introduction of this Earth's Peter Parker with Miles Morales of the Ultimate Universe.

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The difference here is that it is the mainstream universe's Mysterio who discovered the Ultimate Universe. He then was able to crossover and created a robot Mysterio to terrorize that world. When Peter was accidentally sent to the alternate Earth, he teamed with Miles to stop Mysterio.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

In between Mysterio arriving in the Ultimates Universe and his defeat at the hands of Peter Parker and Miles Morales, he had set up a huge empire in that world. The interesting part of his journey is that the comics never revealed that the Mysterio is the Ultimates world was not real -- and this specific comic was his first appearance.

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He made a bang. For a B-level Spider-Man villain throughout his career, having him show up after the events of Ultimatum (while Peter Parker was still alive and long before Miles Morales became Spider-Man) and immediately kill Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, by blowing him out a window was a huge way to debut. This comic made him an instant threat and it wasn't until issue #154 that anyone discovered it was a robot.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

In 2016, Marvel started a new comic book called Spider-Man/Deadpool and one of the first enemies the two frenemies had to face was Mysterio. After years of getting his butt kicked on a regular basis, Mysterio returned from the Ultimate Universe and wanted revenge against Peter Parker.

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He knew who Spider-Man was by this point and he wanted to sabotage his work at Parker Industries, hacking into the network and trying to ruin Parker. Mysterio then hit upon a big idea and hired Deadpool to kill Peter Parker, which he did, sending Parker to Hell before going in himself to save Peter and bring him back and promising revenge upon Mysterio for duping him.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

Mysterio retired from villainy because he was tired of getting beaten all the time. He lived away from the costumed crowds until Misty Beck visited him. To simplify a complicated story, Mysterio created a robot named Misty that he programmed to believe was really his daughter. She tried to get her dad to return to the role of Mysterio but he wasn't willing to return to the life of crime.

However, when Scarlet Spider showed up and assumed the worst, things got bad until Misty teleported her and her father to an underground temple where she then tried to sacrifice him for the greater good. He ended up accidentally killing her and then took on the role of Mysterio once again, blaming Ben Reilly for her death.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

The main story in the fifth volume of The Amazing Spider-Man was mostly about Spider-Man at his lowest point. Other superheroes hate him because he is a favorite of Wilson Fisk, the new mayor who has sent task forces out to stop other heroes. As Peter Parker, he has been disgraced when a paper written by Doctor Octopus while in his body was revealed to be plagiarism. To top it off, aliens attacked the city.

However, Spider-Man saved the day when he realized the aliens were sent by Mysterio to try to kill every hero at once. However, the story to read here is the secondary story in the comic, which was about Mysterio on trial for his crimes and the fact he seems to be losing his grip on reality -- or maybe the master that brought him back from the dead is ready to cash in.


10 Mysterio Stories MCU Fans Should Read

Mysterio has always been a B-grade Marvel villain in the Spider-Man world. He usually popped up in a one issue story with Spider-Man beating him and sending him on his way or back to prison. He had a few interesting stories where he held his own, as shown above, but mostly he was never more than a nuisance.

That makes a story with Mysterio in the alternate future seem all the more surprising. The world of Old Man Logan started in the future when Wolverine was retired and out of commission. He quit his work as a superhero because he killed every member of the X-Men on accident. This was due to Mysterio and one of his illusions. Yes, Mysterio was responsible for the death of The X-Men.

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