Spider-Man: Far From Home: 10 Hidden Details About Mysterio You Probably Missed

Spider-Man: Far From Home gave life to one of the best Marvel villains never seen before on the big screen. Although the MCU's Mysterio is slightly altered from his comic book form, Jake Gyllenhaal's character is still a perfect representation of the famous illusionist.

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There were plenty of noticeable easter eggs and callbacks littered throughout Mysterio's debut, but not everything was as clear-cut as the reference to Quentin Beck's former employment. For your next rewatch of the latest Spider-Man blockbuster, keep an eye out for some of these less-obvious details behind Mysterio's character.

10 Earth 616 & Earth 833

During the scene where Peter Parker gets his first chance to meet Quentin Beck, it was hard to miss when Mysterio brought up the different versions of Earth across the multiverse. The first he referenced was the Earth we've come to know in the MCU, Earth 616.

Throughout Marvel comics, Earth 616 has always been the planet's version in which nearly every superhero resides. The second Earth he mentioned was version 833. Earth 833 is actually the comic book home of Spider-UK, an English version of the web-slinger, coinciding perfectly with Peter's trip abroad in the film.

9 Framing Spider-Man

Obviously, the film ended on a gargantuan cliffhanger in the mid-credit scene. Mysterio framing Spider-Man and revealing his identity to the public is just one example in a long history of the villain framing Peter Parker.

In fact, the scene could be a nod to Mysterio's first comic book appearance. In the Amazing Spider-Man #13, we meet Quentin Beck for the first time and he almost successfully frames Peter, making the public believe Spider-Man is behind a series of robberies.

8 His Suit

Throughout the entirety of the film, there's only a handful of times in which we really get a solid look at Mysterio. In most scenes, he's flying around quickly in a fog of green smoke making it nearly impossible to really analyze his suit. However, in the few scenes in which he's finally still enough to break the suit down, you can see that the costume is actually extremely accurate to his in the comic books.

The most noticeable aspect of the suit is the Illuminate-type eyes that seemingly clip his cape to the rest of the suit. There aren't many spins on Mysterio's suit in the comic books, so it's nice to see that the MCU team carefully made sure his film suit resembled the one that made the character so recognizable.

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7 His Team

As we find out later in the movie, Mysterio isn't working alone. In fact, he has a whole cast of disgruntled former Stark employees looking to get the EDITH glasses from Peter and fool the whole world. If you look closely, starting all the way back to the scenes in Venice, you can catch some of Beck's team in the background.

For example, Guterman, Beck's crewmember responsible for fabricating the narrative behind Mysterio can be easily seen behind Peter and MJ on the canals of Venice.

6 Prague Fight

Although this isn't known throughout a majority of the movie, there's a pretty easy way to tell when Mysterio is actually there and not a projected illusion. Anytime another character makes contact with Mysterio, such as a handshake or pat on the back, that means Beck is actually there.

When Peter first teams up with Mysterio in Prague to take down the fire elemental, you'd think that Beck was just projecting an illusion considering he was flying around shooting lasers. However, at the end of the fight, Peter helps Beck up from the ground, grabbing him by the arm. That means that Beck was actually somewhere on the ground in Prague, and must've pulled off the world's quickest costume change to show up as Mysterio once the action concluded.

5 Hidden Appearance

Here's the one you actually may have heard of. Since the digital home release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the frame-by-frame digging has revealed that Mysterio appeared much earlier than we all thought.

If you go back and watch the Venice scene, while Peter is watching MJ have her picture taken by Brad Davis, you'll notice a man in a Hawaiian shirt looking eerily similar to Jake Gyllenhaal's Quentin Beck. Well, that's just because it is Quentin Beck, probably getting in position to "fight" the water elemental.

4 Master Plan

Since we now know that Mysterio and his crew were tailing Peter's class trip from the very beginning, it's time to consider that Peter was the plan all along. Beck either orchestrated the entire trip or caught wind that Spider-Man was heading to Europe and started planning.

Even though the story gets so wrapped around Beck fooling Peter about being an inter-dimensional soldier, it's really more fascinating to think of the amount of work that was put into getting the EDITH glasses from him. From the time they landed in Venice, Peter and his classmates were always set to be the main focus of Mysterio and his team. Don't worry though, this detail is pretty much completely impossible to pick up on through the first watch.

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3 Detailed Illusion

Another completely missable detail comes during the grand illusion that Mysterio pulls off just before leading Peter in front of a train. If you pause that scene at the right time, specifically when Peter is in his homemade suit, the fallen statues around him actually resemble some of our favorite Avengers.

We see the massive stone figureheads of three beloved original Avengers: Black Widow, Captain America and, obviously, Spider-Man's mentor Iron Man. Although they're shown very quickly and can only be seen in the background, they're there. Along with those familiar faces, the stone floor that Peter seems to be standing on shows us the very familiar star that was always featured on Cap's shield.

2 Foreshadowing His Death

Let's look at one more detail that no one would be able to notice without watching the entirety of the movie. Once again during the epic illusion scene, we see Quentin Beck supposedly shot by Nick Fury, which is quickly revealed to be fake as well.

However, it did effectively predict the way that Beck would "die" in the end.

1 Fake Death

So, you're probably confused as to why die is in quotes. Well, the prevailing theory coming out of Far From Home is that Quentin Beck is not actually dead. First off, it's highly doubtful that they'd introduce the Mysterio character into the Tom Holland Spider-Man storyline just to off him in his debut. However, the actual evidence used in this theory is all based around the wording of both Peter Parker and the EDITH system.

After Beck is hit by a friendly fire bullet and utters out some final words, Peter asks EDITH, "Is this real?", to which she responds, "All illusions are down." What's most notable here is that at no point does EDITH, or anyone else for that matter, confirm that Mysterio is dead. It sounds like a stretch, but you have to imagine that Mysterio will eventually be back from the dead to assume his rightful position in the Sinister Six.

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