<i>Spider-Man</i> musical's first performance caught in web of mishaps

The good news for producers and hopeful fans of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is that the delay-plagued $65-million musical finally previewed Sunday night on Broadway. The bad, if not unexpected, news is ... things didn't go well.

Sure, nobody died, as Vulture so helpfully points out. But the ambitious, technically complex production began 24 minutes late, and then went downhill from there. According to The New York Times, Act I was paused four times -- the first coming a half-hour into the show to allow the crew to free star Reeve Carney from an aerial harness. The act's final pause, described as "the worst glitch of the night by far," came when Spider-Man was left dangling over the audience before the stage manager abruptly called for intermission.

New York Post critic Michael Riedel, who has gleefully chronicled Spider-Man's misfortunes, reports that a scene in which Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano) was supposed to be rescued from atop the Chrysler Building faltered as part of the building came up missing, and Mary Jane never materialized.

The performance crawled on for 3 1/2 hours, during which time some audience members walked out, one person yelled, "I don't know how everyone else feels, but I feel like a guinea pig today -- I feel like it's a dress rehearsal," and Green Goblin (Patrick Page) was forced to stall for time while crew members "openly rushed around to fix faulty equipment."

Still, though, it could've gone worse. Right?

After the break you can watch the segment on the making of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark that aired last night on CBS's 60 Minutes.

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