Spider-Man's 'Secret' Superpower Is Carnage's Greatest Weakness

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3, by Saladin Ahmed and Federico Vincentini, on sale now.

Miles Morales is among those overtaken by Carnage in his targeting of anyone who's ever  worn a symbiote, in order to create a Codex that can summon Knull, the symbiotes' god, to Earth. However, in Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3, Spider-Man may have discovered a way to turn the tide of battle.

One of  the young hero's abilities has reversed Carnage's symbiote, turning it from an adversary into, potentially, his greatest weapon.


In the previous issue, the symbiote slithered over Miles, ensnaring his mind with murderous intent. Before he could break free of its control, however, the alien forced Miles to bite the shoulder of J. Jonah Jameson, drawing a great deal of blood.

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Miles resists as Carnage attempts to drive him to eviscerate Jameson, but it isn't enough. (After all, the symbiote is such a powerful force, with only one thought on his mind: murder.) That is, until Miles unleashes his secret weapon, the only thing that seems to knock some sense into Carnage: his Venom Blast. Upon unleashing a blast upon his own body, he repels the symbiote, which leaves Miles's body for ... Jameson.

Kill! Killlllll!

Miles attends to another Carnage-infected villain, the murderous Ravencroft inmate Happy Dan, leaving Jameson unattended for a moment too long. Just as Miles talks some sense into Dan, Carnage-Jameson comes roaring in, with only one thing on his mind: killing.

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The only thing Miles can do to stop Jameson is the same thing that worked last time: talking and Venom-Blasting. The sting, once again, repels Carnage; for whatever reason, the blast appears to disconnect the symbiote from its host. But Miles sees an opportunity opening up for himself to catch Carnage.

Embracing the Darkness

Miles knows now how to subdue and control the symbiote, which places him in charge. With tjsy knowledge, he takes the symbiote in-hand and allows it merge with him.

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He rationalizes that he needs to stop Carnage, and  this symbiote is his sole link to the supervillain. With that in mind, he knows he needs it to track down and fight the mad symbiotic mass murderer. He sees this as his only opportunity to turn the tides against the symbiote god.

Carnage has many weaknesses, but the Venom Blast appears to be the best way to disrupt the connection between a host and the symbiote. Carnage's plan requires collecting the symbiote Codexes, and Miles may be the only way to keep those the villain already has out of the monster's grasp. Potentially, it might even divide Carnage from his own symbiote -- although, as has been seen in the past, attempts to do so  never work in the long-term. Carnage always comes back.

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