Spider-Man: Miles Morales Has Been Cursed with the Ol' Parker Luck

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Man #237, by Brian Michael Bendis and Oscar Bazaldua, on sale now.

The life of being Spider-Man, or a Spider-hero in general, has never been an easy one. In fact, it's usually filled with misery, frayed relationships, and on more than one occasion, death. For Miles Morales, the youngest Spider-Man of the bunch, the situation has gotten considerably more complicated over the years. Back in his original universe, he lost not only his mother Rio in a fight against that reality's Venom, but also his late uncle Aaron Davis, who was a criminal named the Prowler and had blackmailed his nephew into working with him for a short time. It's here where things get really complicated for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


See, back in the Marvel Universe-altering Secret Wars, Miles spent eight years in stasis before arriving on Battleworld alongside Peter Parker and a handful of other heroes. The two webheads eventually stumbled across the reality-manipulating Molecule Man, who had been imprisoned by Doctor Doom in order to re-create the world in Doom's image. Miles, ever the nice guy, decides to offer the sometimes villain the burger that's been in his pocket for nearly a decade, not entirely sure if it's still technically edible since they were in stasis for most of that time.

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Molecule Man, unconcerned about potential food poisoning, scarfs it down and, as a solid, brings Miles, his friends and family to the Prime universe to live in peace. And yes, that includes his dead mother. However, with Spider-Man #237, it's become very clear that though he had the best of intentions, Molecule Man's solid for Miles has really screwed him over.

The problems surrounding Rio Morales' resurrection aren't cosmic or grandiose, but are instead normal parent/teenager issues. Not having a recollection that her son is a superhero, she thinks his school troubles are related to drugs, and even hires well-known PI Jessica Jones to spy on him to figure out what's wrong. Eventually, Miles remembers that his mother was killed, and his father Jefferson discovers his dual identity, which puts a considerable strain on the Morales family when Rio realizes both her husband and son are lying to her.


In this issue, Rio and Jefferson finally reconcile their differences as Jefferson promises to be more honest and open. But before they can truly celebrate their reunion, Miles tells them to hightail it out of New York and go to Cleveland so he can deal with the other family member brought back from the dead.

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