Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Morales Gets a Movie-Accurate Marvel Cover

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse blew away all expectations, so it’s only natural that the film would begin to bleed through into the comics.

The cover art for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7, revealed in Marvel’s June solicitations, features surprise cover art serving as an homage to the 2018 dimension hopping film. It’s crafted by the film’s art director, Patrick O’Keefe, and the design perfectly encapsulates the energy that made Into The Spider-Verse so unique.

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The cover stands out from the Miles Morales: Spider-Man covers we’ve seen so far, which have played with more traditional comic art styles and featured Miles in action. O’Keefe’s cover features Miles swinging high above New York City traffic, with a cool blue color palate lending an almost serene sense of mind.

Despite this being an O’Keefe cover in the Into the Spider-Verse style, it’s worth noting it’s not the Spider-Verse Miles on the cover, as he doesn’t appear to be wearing the spraypainted costume from the film. Still, it likely won’t be long before we see that version again, as Sony recently revealed it has seven to eight years worth of Spider-Man projects planned.

You can view the full solicitation below:


  • SALADIN AHMED (W) • Alitha Martinez, Ron Ackins & Vanesa Del Rey (A)
  • Cover by PATRICK O’KEEFE
  • • After the dramatic conclusion of the first arc, Miles has to take stock in his life.
  • • What do his parents think of all of this?
  • • How do his friends, particularly Bombshell, react to what’s happened?
  • • All this, a surprise return and a cover by the art director of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Patrick O’Keefe!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7, by Saladin Ahmed, Alitha Martinez, Ron Ackins, Vanesa Del Ray and Patrick O’Keefe, hits shelves June 2019.

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