Spider-man, Midnight, Mass, Torso: August 17th Comic Reel


While the fourth film in the "Spider-man" series slowly preps for production, Sony has announced its intentions to continue the series through a sixth installment. Variety reports screenwriter James Vanderbilt will write the subsequent films. He also wrote the initial draft of "Spider-man 4." According to Variety, the fifth and sixth films will have an interconnected storyline and could possibly serve as a reboot if the principle actors and director Sam Raimi decide to leave the series. "The most important thing is for Sony to prime the 'Spider-Man' pump more frequently. The lapse between films has grown with each blockbuster. The second film came only two years after the first, but it took three years for a third installment, and four years will have passed when 'Spider-Man 4' opens in summer 2011," says Variety.

Release date: TBA


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the DC/Vertigo title "Midnight, Mass" has been picked up for television development by NBC. The article says the series "revolves around Adam and Julia Kadmons, a sophisticated, sexy, globe-trotting husband-and-wife team who solve mysteries and crimes of the supernatural." The Hollywood Reporter also mentions the series has been pursued for development for some time.

Release date: TBA


MTV Splash Page asked actress Rachel McAdams about the long in development feature film version of the graphic novel. The film is intended to be directed by suspense master David Fincher, but rights to the book expired in January. "I don't know what's going on with that project. I don't know that it's actually happening," says McAdams. She also says she never heard from Fincher, so she was never officially part of the project.

Release date, TBA


MTV Splash Page also speculates on the possibility that director Bryan Singer may be returning to his X-Men roots with the "Wolverine" sequel. They cite his frequent collaborations with screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and the perfect timing that would allow him to do both this and his recently announced "Battlestar Galactica" threeboot film. Of course, this is all conjecture at the moment. Singer is often attached or said to be attached to a number of projects until production suddenly starts. "Superman Returns," happened in this fashion. Singer was also said to be working on a remake of "Logan's Run" that has never crystallized.

Release date: 2012?


Comingsoon.net (via Latino Review) has a gallery of set photos from the film. The photos feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba.

Directed by Sylvain White, release date: April 16th, 2010


Monday means an extra dose of photos from the blog of director Edgar Wright. First, a good look at a storyboard. Second, it appears Wright had Saturday off and went to the movies. Finally, the director gives his review of pal Quentin Tarantino's new film, "Inglorious Basterds."

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


According to Kryptonsite, actors David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti have been cast as the Wonder Twins in the upcoming ninth season. If this proves to be true, the Wonder Twins are set to appear in the fifth episode of the new season.

New episodes begin: September 25th, 2009


MTV Splash Page asked David Goyer about the status of the "Blade" franchise. "It's been rumored over at New Line," says Goyer. It is unclear if these rumors would lead to a fourth film or the "Deacon Frost" flick actor Stephen Dorf has been talking up.

Release date: TBA


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