Spider-Man: 10 Best Mary Jane Cosplays That Hit The Jackpot

With so many superheroes and villains in the Marvel Comics Universe, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to cosplayers picking their next outfit to tackle. However, some of the other characters are just as influential and inspiring as the likes of Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man.

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Mary Jane Watson is the girlfriend of Peter Parker, and over the years she's been a main source of inspiration for cosplayers around the world to try their hand at the understated and often striking appearance of Spidey's famous partner. With that in mind, we look at 10 of the best Mary Jane cosplays that hit the jackpot.

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10 Under The Influence Of Venom

Danica Rockwood is a Twitch partner, gamer, model, and award-winning cosplayer. When you look at her portfolio of various characters she's cosplayed as, it's hugely impressive. She's taken on the likes of Sansa Stark, Jessica Rabbit, Rey from Star Wars, and even Link from Nintendo's Zelda franchise.

What makes her take on Mary Jane so special is the way in which she's entwined with the alien symbiote. Wrapped around her arm as she sits so innocently, the effects within the photo shows just how talented the photographer David Love is. If you're not familiar with their work, you should definitely go and give it a look.

9 Iron Spider MJ

There're a lot of Mary Jane cosplayers that all wear the same white Spider-Man t-shirt and put on a red wig, but what Kristen Lanae has done is give her a unique makeover and incorporated Tony Stark's Iron Spider suit from Amazing Spider-Man #15 into her cosplay. The cover shows Mary Jane wearing the famous suit, and she's made it look incredible.

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Kristen's taken on a wide range of Mary Jane cosplays, but this has to be our favorite. Her Instagram account is full of awesome cosplays including Pennywise the clown, Hellboy, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Joker, and many more. Each one has so many intricate details from how well-made the costumes are to the visually striking photo effects.

8 Waiting On The Sofa

The famous cover for Amazing Spider-Man #601 saw a vulnerable Mary Jane sitting on her sofa with a cup of coffee, waiting alone as her other half Peter Parker fights crime as Spider-Man. Many cosplayers have tried to replicate the cover, but cosplayer Ainlina does a fantastic job of getting it as close to perfect as she can.

Her red hair is styled exactly the same, the magazines lying next to her and the blue cushion sit in the same place, and her positioning matches the comic in every single way. The self-professed Zelda lover and gamer takes a lot of time getting her costumes spot on, and this Mary Jane cosplay is no different.

7 Spider-Man MJ

Jenna Lynn Meowri has over a million followers on her Instagram account, and it's no surprise as to why. She's an extremely talented cosplayer that always manages to look amazing. Her take on Mary Jane sees the heroine wear Spider-Man's famous body suit in a plethora of different ways.

There're photos where she's with Gwen Stacy and Black Cat, but the ones where she's on her own are just as fantastic. Her hair is amazing, the suit has been stitched to perfection, and the simplicity of it with her hair blowing in the wind make Jenna one of the best cosplayers to try their hand at Mary Jane.

6 Comic Book Make Up

Sanna Siljeström has taken cosplaying to another level with her take on Mary Jane. Not only does she look amazing as MJ, but she's used make up to make the character come to life, appearing exactly how she does in the comics by applying make up to give her a pop art appearance.

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It's a unique look, and one that has seldom been done when it comes to Mary Jane, but it works really well. Whilst many cosplayers focus on getting the outfit to match the character, Sanna has used her skills to make sure that her facial appearance gives the character an authentic comic book aesthetic.

5 Utter Carnage

Dave Kelley is a phenomenal artist and photographer, and his collaboration with cosplayer Freddie Nova has created this stunning shot of Mary Jane as the symbiote Carnage. Nova created the prosthetics and the outfit herself, with Kelley managing to encapsulate the horror of the character perfectly in every photo.

This set of photos also features Kristen Noreen Hunt as Venom, and the results are astounding. From the creepy mask to the red latex suit, Carnage's psychotic personality and Nova's talent mix beautifully to make the often sweet MJ into an utter monster. Never has she appeared more horrifying, and we love it!

4 Venomized Mary Jane

Ray Gray's Instagram is filled with some superb cosplays, including various takes on Poison Ivy, Ariel the Little Mermaid, and even Jessie from Toy Story. However, one of our favorite sees the talented cosplayer dress up as a venomized Mary Jane as she tussles with Spider-Man, cosplayed by her fiancé.

The outfit sees the black symbiote suit ripped and cut up over her denim shorts, with black body paint covering her hands. She's very skilled in her craft, and manages to put in a great performance. Gray's take on a venomized MJ proves just how good a symbiotic look can be if you put the effort in.

3 Scarlet MJ

Cosplayer Sparrowsess has created an awesome Mary Jane cosplay based on Scarlet MJ #001, and it looks great. It features a full lycra body suit and awesome leather jacket emblazoned with the red spider motif. As well as the white eye outlines and red flowing hair, she's managed to recreate the character's iconic look wonderfully.

A self-proclaimed Marvel fan, Sparrowsess has also tried her hand at other versions of Mary Jane, as well as Spider Woman, but this is our favorite. Making sure she gets it 100% right, there's nothing we can fault about her version of the Mary Jane Scarlet Spider.

2 Maxim Mary Jane

Jamie Tyndall is a comic book artist renowned for creating empowering and sexy versions of female comic book characters, and in 1997 he created a series of Maxim covers depicting the likes of Black Cat and Mary Jane on the cover. Cosplayer Toxik Fox took inspiration from them and creating Mary Jane to wondrous effect.

Brittany AKA Toxik Fox said "I really love how this Maxim Mary Jane cosplay, based off the art by Jamie Tyndall, turned out and it's actually super comfy to wear." As you can see, Brittany looks incredibly at ease in the outfit, and gives the character a relaxing look whilst getting her iconic red hair and girl-next-door look absolutely right.

1 The Love Triangle

Throughout the Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker has always had a soft spot for Black Cat. At times it's gotten in the way of his relationship with Mary Jane regardless of whether he means to or not, and this epic cosplay encapsulates the love triangle excellently.

Cosplayer AGflower takes on the role of Black Cat, and Lunarania cosplays as Mary Jane. It's a well-taken photo and a great symbolic image that highlights Spidey's struggles with maintaining a relationship with MJ whilst fighting off the advances of Black Cat. Whilst AGflower's outfit is stunning, the simple cosplay Lunarania wears does MJ justice.

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