Spider-Man Relives His Darkest Moment as a Life-Size Sculpture

An artist by the name of Richard Riley has crafted a life-size sculpture that recreates the most iconic scene from the classic Spider-Man story "Kraven's Last Hunt," in which a black suit-clad Spidey crawls his way out of a grave.

A photo of Riley (who owns Riley Replicas) standing beside his sculpture was shared on Twitter by comic book artist Brent Schoonover. The image shows off the sculptor's complete creation, including a detailed, mud-covered Spidey beneath a large tombstone that reads, "Here lies Spider-Man, slain by The Hunter." The piece appears to stand a few feet taller than Riley does.

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Originally published in 1987, "Kraven's Last Hunt" is considered to be one of the most influential Spider-Man stories of all time. From writer J.M. Dematteis and artist Mike Zeck, the arc revolves around the villain Kraven the Hunter aiming to prove that he is Spider-Man's superior.

Kraven shoots and seemingly kills Spider-Man, burying the web-slinger and donning a copy of his costume. From their, The Hunter roams the streets of New York and violently attacks criminals in an effort to make a name for himself as a better Spidey than Peter Parker was.

The real Spider-Man, who is revealed to have simply been shot with a tranquilizer, wakes up two weeks later. This leads to the now-famous scene of the hero crawling his way to the surface on a stormy night after having been buried alive, intent on setting things straight.

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