Spider-Man, Ironheart & Ms. Marvel Go Medieval in Champions Teasers

Continuing today's trend of unveiling new looks for the Champions, Marvel Comics has released teaser artwork from Sean Izaakse asking the question, "Change the World?", followed by the one-word phrase, "Weird..." for Ms. Marvel, Ironheart and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) sporting new costumes and in some cases, displaying new abilities.

Ms. Marvel is shown wearing a red cape and conjuring a spell with her hands, in a similar fashion to a master of the mystic arts. Ironheart has the new armor she recently displayed in the ongoing team series, but with the added bonus of extra clothing and a shield that looks to be formed in the shape of the letter C -- possibly for Champions. Finally, Miles Morales' look is perhaps the most updated of them all. While still wearing a spider emblem on a handkerchief over the lower half of his face, he has on an all-black cloak with red spider web designs inside. Also, Miles is wielding a sharp knife blade in each hand.

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Earlier this morning, Amadeus Cho kicked things off with a Goblin Hulk, with the rest of the day producing more and more teasers. While we theorized this could all be related to the upcoming Infinity Wars, with each Champions member looking more and more like a character in Dungeons & Dragons and the word "Weird" included, we're starting to believe the team could be heading to the magical locale of Weirdworld.

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