17 Totally Dank Iron Man And Spider-Man Memes

Marvel finally got its hands on Spider-Man and the result is an amazing superhero story which managed to stay true to the lore of the comics, and at the same time had the courage to be fresh. And it's not just about avoiding the well written but washed out line about great powers and responsibilities. Although, we'd be lying if we said skipping it didn't help. Another glaring difference is the inclusion of Tony Stark in Spidey's life. Building upon the foundations laid down in Captain America: Civil War, this movie relied heavily on the relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

The movie makes it clear that Tony is someone Peter looks up to. After all, Tony changed his life when he gave Peter the new and improved Spider-Man suit. Tony is like a mentor to the young hero in training. Although, their relationship resembles that of a father and son as well. Considering that Peter is a teenager their interactions got pretty hilarious at times. Of course, this led some pretty clever fans to create of a lot of memes about Spidey and his new dad. So, let's check out these 17 side-splitting Iron Man and Spider-Man memes.


Mentors in movies usually give cryptic advice. As if to suggest that in order to get to the meaning behind their words you must first prove that you are worthy by deciphering them. Tony Stark definitely assumed the role of a mentor for aspiring hero in the making, young Peter Parker. In order to make sure his protege stays on the right path, Tony felt some fatherly advice was in order.

And that would have been great, if Tony hadn't took the 'cryptic' in the cryptic advice just a tad too far. Poor Peter looks so confused, wrecking his brain to discern the meaning behind his mentor’s wise words. To put it simply kid, there’s this small gray area and that’s where you operate. You’re a smart kid, shouldn’t be too hard.


As we all know by now, Marvel movies are packed to the brim with easter eggs, which is just one of the reasons we love them so dearly. But because there are so many, no matter how hard you try, you’re always bound to miss something. Apparently, this T-shirt easter egg in Spider-Man: Homecoming was pretty hard to spot. Well, unless you happen to remember Iron Man 3 vividly.

As seen on the screenshots above, Peter Parker is wearing a T-shirt with the same science joke as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3. Cool, right? Well, not everyone would agree. Tony Stark doesn’t seem the least bit amused by this funny little coincidence and demands an explanation from his young protege. Tread carefully, Peter, or you might lose more than just your suit.


Remember that kid with the Iron Man mask from the second Iron Man movie? Well, according to an interview Tom Holland gave to Huffington Post that kid was Peter Parker. This is a theory that has long gained popularity among fans and now everyone’s thrilled that it finally got confirmed.

In the scene, the kid with the Iron Man mask stands up to Hammer by raising up his gloved hand. Iron Man sweeps in and saves the boy, adding "nice work, kid." When Spidey stole Captain America’s shield in Civil War, Tony made a similar remark. The fans were quick to put two and two together and soon enough everyone was talking about that kid from Iron Man 2 being Peter Parker. And as it turns out coincidences don't exist, at least not where Marvel is concerned. The real question is, was this planned or just a stroke of good luck?


Throughout the entire duration of Spider-Man: Homecoming it was obvious that Peter saw Tony as a role model. He looked up to him, wanted to be a hero just like Iron Man. In fact, Peter even said as much himself just before Tony took away his suit. Of course, this scene became the source of countless memes, as is often the case with today’s online community.

We all know how this conversation actually went, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, clever comedians found various ways to make it even better. Here’s Peter implying in no ambiguous words that Captain America is a better hero than Iron Man. Given, Tony’s recent quarrel with Steve, one can understand why this would provoke him enough to take away Peter’s suit.


Never are we more aware of the trouble we're in than when our parents give us that disapproving glare. You know the one -- eyes cold and narrow, eyebrows furrowed, lips pulled in a thin line, and that vein on their forehead about to burst. At that moment, you know you’re in a world of trouble and there’s nothing you can say or do to save your sorry skin. Resigned with your fate you freeze and obediently await your punishment.

The look dad Iron Man is giving Spidey in this scene is pretty much the same thing. Sure, Peter can’t exactly see Tony’s facial expression, but Tony’s body language and the obvious death stare he’s directing towards his disobedient son are enough for Peter to know he’s in big trouble.


What we often tend to forget about Spider-Man is that he’s just a teenager. Compared to the rest of the Avengers, who are in their 30s and 40s, Spidey is a baby. This means that some of the commodities other Avengers may take for granted are out of Peter’s reach. Therefore, something as simple as calling someone by cell can be challenging.

We like to think of this meme as the story of how Tony Stark bought T-Mobile. See, Tony wanted to help this poor kid out by loading up his prepaid phone with minutes and making sure Peter can call him when he needs to. However, Tony didn't own T-Mobile. So, instead of asking the kid to switch networks, Tony went and bought T-Mobile, because he’s Tony Stark and why the hell not.


Robert Downey Jr.’s children sure know how to take the rebellious phase to a whole new level. A while back, the Iron Man actor was photographed with his older son while the son was wearing a Batman T-shirt and belt buckle. Unsurprisingly, memes spread like wildfire. Since the two heroes are often compared and pitted against each other, to see Iron Man’s son choosing the Dark Knight over Iron Man was priceless.

But it appears as if the younger son picked up a few things from his big brother, because he’s been photographed sporting Spider-Man attire while taking a walk with his dad. Poor, Robert Downey Jr. betrayed not by one, but two of his children. But there’s still hope. Perhaps RDJ’s daughter will love Iron Man.


In 2015, Marvel and Sony finally negotiated a deal for Spider-Man. For Years, Marvel has been wanting to bring the webslinger into the MCU, but Sony stood in its way. However, once the deal was signed, Spidey joined the MCU and got his own movie in 2017 with Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker.

Now, we have no idea how the negotiations for this blessed deal went, so all we can do is make an educated guess. A lot of fans seem to think that Marvel had to use a couple of tricks to finally get Sony to cave. With that in mind, one fan was inspired to create this meme. Hilarious as it is, we still doubt this technique would actually be effective.


Ever wonder how Spider-Man got his name? Why the hyphen? Well, according to the man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee, when he first dreamed up this new hero he didn’t want anyone confusing Spidey with Superman. Therefore, her added the hyphen to distinguish Spider-Man. Another possible explanation comes from a Friends episode, in which Chandler pointed out that it’s not a last name like Goldman, but a man who has the abilities of a spider. Which actually makes a great deal of sense.

Of course, there is the third explanation -- the one offered in the meme you see above. If you’ve ever attempted to start a website you know that domain names can be a real hassle. Meaning, sometimes you have to get creative, which is exactly what Peter did.


When the hilariously overstuffed poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped, the fans were quick to point out just how ridiculous it looked. The poster featured both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, as well as a very large face of Tony Stark and a smaller Iron Man flying about among other character. But most importantly, the poster made it clear that Iron Man will be in the movie.

The fans relished the opportunity to poke some fun at Marvel for taking advantage of Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man to promote Spidey’s movie. Tons of hilarious edits with even more images of Mr. Stark popped up, as seen in this hilarious meme. Seems Marvel really wanted us to know that Iron Man might make a small cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


The relationship between Tony and Peter was that of a mentor and protege, but it also resembled one between father and son. This was especially palpable when the two would get into a heated argument. The scene where Tony takes away Peter’s Spidey suit reads like a real-life situation in which an upset parent takes away their kid’s phone.

This did not go unnoticed and soon enough the internet was flooded with memes poking fun at Tony and Peter's father-son dynamic. This hilarious meme portrays Peter like the typical rebellious teenager struck by the realization that he's fighting a losing battle. It’s hard to imagine Peter ever voicing these traitorous thoughts, but we have no qualms believing they would cross his mind. Although, he has great powers and great responsibilities, he is after all just a kid.


Ever since Spidey’s debut in Captain America: Civil War, it was obvious that Peter’s dream was to one day join the Avengers. He looked up to the heroes that saved the world time and time again, and he wanted to be one of them. Peter’s unbound enthusiasm was endearing and his reactions to meeting his heroes was priceless. One should think that given the opportunity to join the team full-time would be a dream come true for the webslinger.

Well, about that. Here’s a hilarious meme that would beg to differ. Seems like Peter’s had a change of heart once he realized what his options were. And honestly, we can’t blame him. Perhaps it’s better if he started with something less dangerous. There will be plenty of time for him to fight with the big guys.


In one of the best plot twists in superhero movies, Tony Stark went on record on live TV, no less, stating unequivocally that he is Iron Man. With superheroes always being so secretive about their identities, this was a historical moment for the superhero genre. That epic scene from the 2008 Iron Man movie was used to create tones of hilarious memes and it appears to be a gift that keeps on giving.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming we witnessed Tony develop a close relationship with his protege Peter Parker. It was obvious that the younger man looked up to Tony and wanted to be just like him. The fans decided to have some fun with Spidey and created memes such as the one you see above. In true like father, like son fashion, Peter too stepped up and declared to the world that he is Spider-Man.


The He Protec but He Also Attac Meme has become quite popular recently. What started as a simple two-image meme, has now evolved into a three-image meme with the last panel captioned with "but most importantly" serving as the punchline. At this point, you can find the He Protec but He Also Attac Meme for just about anything.

And sure enough, an anonymous internet comedian made one for Iron Man and Spidey. As if we needed a reminder that Tony Stark is not a man you want to cross, the billionaire playboy went and proved just that when took back his suit after being disappointed with how Peter used it. Tony has a good heart and he’s a true hero, but he does not mess around.


Recruiting a 14-year old for your superhero team might be more challenging than you'd think. Not to mention that you’d need to be out of your mind to even come to the idea to ask a high school freshman to drop everything they’re doing in order to fly across the ocean and fight bad guys. Yet, Tony Stark did just that. In Captain America: Civil War, Tony went to Peter’s home, showed him a couple of videos of Spider-Boy slinging around New York and asked him if he’d like to come to Germany.

Two major problems with this plan though. One, Peter doesn’t even have a passport. And two, he has homework. He’s a good student and he’s not about to ruin his spotless record by not turning in his homework. That being said, if he does manage to finish it on time, he might just hijack Tony’s plane.


Now, here’s a conversation we'd like to see in the next Avengers movie. Marvel, make it happen. Honestly though, it’s not at all hard to imagine Peter saying something among these lines. In fact, the Peter from these messages is pretty much in character. And given that Marvel loves having tons of jokes in its movies, this chat between Peter and his new dad Tony would fit in just fine.

But let’s put a pin in that for now, and just appreciate the meme. Obviously, someone has put a lot of thought into this witty exchange and we salute them. Our favorite part is how Peter refers to himself and the rest of the world's spider population as one people. And that seems like something Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could definitely say with a straight face.


In Summer of 2017, Tom Holland and his Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Zendaya made an appearance on the hilarious show Lip Sync Battle. Holland delivered an unbelievable performance set to Rihanna’s "Umbrella", for which he received a well-deserved standing ovation. The images you see above are taken from his dance number.

While Holland did receive a lot of praise for his performance, some fans just couldn’t resist the urge to use these hilarious shots to create memes. This particular comedian imagined that it was Tony who asked Peter to do something completely outlandish, like dressing up as Rihanna and dancing to her song "Umbrella", in order to earn back the suit. We don’t know about Tony, but we sure think that Peter has earned his suit.

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