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How Many Spider-Men Will Swing By Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse?

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How Many Spider-Men Will Swing By Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse?

Although Miles Morales is front and center in the teaser trailer for Sony Pictures’ long-discussed Spider-Man animated film, there are plenty of indications he won’t be the only wall-crawler in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If the title and tagline — “Enter a universe where more than one wears the mask” — don’t make a case for multiple web-heads, there’s is Miles’ own words: “Wait, so how many of us are there?”

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The film’s name references “Spider-Verse,” the 2014 Marvel Comics storyline in which virtually every incarnation of Spider-Man, across comic books and animation, comes under attack by the supervillain Morlun.

Besides Miles, who became the Spider-Man of Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe following the death of Peter Parker, fans can likely count on seeing the original; that’s his gravestonedepicted early in the trailer, and that may be him on the subway platform at the end. But what other Spider-heroes should we keep an eye out for?


The fan-favorite Spider-Gwen will appear as Ghost Spider in the newly announced Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, but her animated movie stardom shouldn’t end there. The “Spider-Woman” of an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy, rather than Peter Parker, was bitten by a genetically engineered spider, Spider-Gwen would be a great addition to Into the Spider-Verse. Oh, and her costume would look incredible in animated form.

Superior Spider-Man


Otto Octavius, better known as the classic villain Doctor Octopus, was the Superior Spider-Man, believe it or not. In the comics, a dying Otto’s mind was swapped with Peter Parker’s, allowing the villain to run around in Spider-Man’s body.

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He believed he understand to motto “With great powers comes great responsibility,” but Otto’s methods were more extreme than Peter’s, which would add a tense dynamic to the group of heroes onscreen.



High school student Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that granted Peter Parker his powers. Initially unable to control her organic webbing, she was taken away and trained by Ezekiel Sims. However, when he realized Cindy was being tracked by the villainous Morlun, Ezekiel hid her in a bunker, where she remained for 13 years.

Released by Spider-Man, Cindy adopted the identity of Silk, and fought crime as the wall-crawler’s ally.

Scarlet Spider


Scarlet Spider is Ben Reilly, one of many clones of Peter Parker made by the Jackal. He’s a villain in most comics, but in Marvel’s “Spider-Verse” storyline Ben works with other versions of the web-slinger as the “Scarlet Spiders.”

At the end of the Into The Spider-Verse trailer, Miles is shown seemingly talking with Peter Parker, despite earlier visiting his grave. What if it’s actually Ben who informs Miles of the multiverse?

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