Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Took A Week For Every Second of Footage


Despite still being over a week away from its official theatrical release, Sony Animation's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is already being met with glowing critical response.

This positive feedback is due in no small part to the film's unique animation style, which boasts a comic book-esque aesthetic that blends CGI-style animation with hand-drawn elements. As it turns out, however, a unique style like that was anything but easy to pull off.

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In a video interview with ComicBook, Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller detailed how this aesthetically different vision came to be, as well as how tirelessly their team has had to work to bring it to the big screen.

"It's really easy to say 'we want it to look like nothing's ever looked before,'" Lord said. "It's a lot harder to do it."

"It actually feels like you walked into a comic book," Miller added. "And it's easier to say, but to actually actually accomplish it is super, super hard. It took years to figure out a process where we can match CG animation with hand-drawn 2-D animation and all these, like, comic book textures and effects and have it all feel like it was one painting."

"It was four times as hard as making a CG-animated movie," Miller continued. "It takes a week for an an animator to make one second of footage on this, whereas normally, it's like four or more seconds in a week. So, it's a really hard process but we feel like it was worth it."

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Elsewhere in the interview, Lord and Miller also addressed how this film distinguishes itself from the live-action Spider-Man films and keeps things fresh through the power of subversion, as well as the fact that they were sure to make the Stan Lee cameo feel special, even before the Spider-Man co-creator passed away last month.

Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse stars Shameik Moore, Brian Tyree Henry, Jake Johnson, Mahershala Ali, Hailee Steinfeld, Liev Schreiber, Luna Lauren Velez, Lily Tomlin, Nicolas Cage, John Mulaney and Kimiko Glenn. The film opens on Dec. 14.

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