Every Reference, Homage & Easter Egg in the New Into the Spider-Verse Trailer

No Spider-Man tale would be complete without a heaping helping of references to the character's long, storied history in all forms of media. Marvel's incredibly popular Web-Slinger has been around for 56 years after all, which means he's ripe for all kinds of obscure references (Spider-Mobile, anyone?). That goes doubly for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a film that liberally reinterprets the events of the Spider-Verse arc in favor of a celebration of all things Spider-Man.

And we mean all things Spider-Man. A thorough review of the recently-released trailer for the film reveals a plethora of Easter eggs, many hinting at obscure Spider-Man factoids. There's also one really, really deep Law & Order reference. Let's check them out now. It's probably the only way to get the Law & Order gavel sound out of your head anyway.

"Perry Joe" and the Spider-Man Theme

Joe Perry gets a callout right at the top of the trailer in the form of a neon sign bearing his name, albeit reversed. It's a blink and you'll miss it kind of reference, but an important one nonetheless. The Spider-Man faithful among us will already know just how important the musician is to the Wall-Crawler's legacy.

The lead guitarist for Aerosmith, Perry is responsible for performing the opening theme to Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which might be the most recognizable animated superhero series theme right behind the X-Men: The Animated Series' sick synths.

The Ol' Upside Down

The trailer for Into the Spider-Verse is littered with references to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, and with good reason. The trailer hints at the possibility that the film's Peter Parker is, in fact, the same Peter Parker seen in Raimi's movies. Now, he's not exactly dressed in black and shuffling down a sidewalk to a jaunty tune, but he does kiss a lady upside down.

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The moment when Peter kissed Mary Jane while hanging upside down, his mask pulled halfway down, in 2002's Spider-Man is iconic at this point. The fact that it shows up in the trailer lends credibility to the theory that we know this Peter better than we might have anticipated.

Car, Meet Window (Then Meet Octopus)

There are smaller references to the Raimi movies here and there, but the second biggest one is when a car gets hurled at Peter and Mary Jane while they're conversing in a restaurant. The moment calls back to the most iconic scene of Spider-Man 2, when Doctor Octopus tracks down Peter and throws an SUV at him.

The moment was a special effects spectacle at the time and really drove home how unhinged Otto had become. Seriously, who throws a car at a guy when said guy is the only one who knows how to summon the foe you most want to tangle with? Otto has always been good with machines, but people? That's a different story.

The True Life Tales of Spider-Man -- Is a Lie!

Spider-Man has been a lot of things throughout the years. He has been amazing, spectacular, and even superior. The trailer pays a little homage to the hero's various titles by concocting its own Spider-Man series called The True Life Tales of Spider-Man.

Don't discard this issue as mere fan fiction, though. It's a reference to a real comic -- Amazing Spider-Man #186. The cover art of the real-world issue is nearly identical to the one seen in the trailer (right down to the 35-cent sticker), the only different is the title. You'll have to wait little longer to hear any true life spider tales, apparently.

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