Spider-Man inauguration fever hits eBay

As Comic Book Resources reported earlier, USA Today broke the news today that next week's issue of Amazing Spider-Man will feature Spider-Man and President-Elect Barack Obama teaming up in a five-page story. Half the print run will feature an Obama cover by Phil Jimenez.

And even though we're still six days away from the book's, it's already popping up on eBay. Actually, it started popping up before the cover was revealed, which lead to some interesting, and some downright bizarre, images being used on the listings. I think this one is my favorite:

Some of them are offering from five to ten copies of the issue, while one listing noted that the Stephen Colbert variant cover was a hot item, and "his popularity is no where near that of Obama." So far I'm not seeing any bids, but that could have changed by the time you're reading this.

Update: You can see the Obama variant cover after the break.

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