Who Is Spider-Man: Homecoming 2's Femme Fatale?

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The highly-anticipated sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to kick into production in late May, with an all-new adventure for Tom Holland's Peter Parker to venture into after he survives the events of Avengers 4. Along with new locations comes new characters, naturally, and a recent character description indicates a femme fatale will hope to distract the titular character.

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Now, previous videos from auditions for the sequel hinted at the inclusion of a European-born Gwen Stacey, but that character doesn't really fit the bill of a "femme fatale." Instead, it's likely that a famed super-powered character from Marvel Comics will be brought to life, and we have a few ideas as to who she could be.

Black Cat


Felicia Hardy, perhaps better known as Black Cat, is the most obvious choice. In fact, she's likely the first character Marvel readers think of when it comes to a femme fatale with a SPidey connection. Set to make her first live-action appearance in Sony's upcoming Silver & Black film, there's no better way to give her profile a big bump than to include her in a Spider-Man flick!

Interestingly, production on Silver & Black is set to commence in March, but there have been no casting announcements made -- ye. It's possible the chosen actor could work on both movies since their production periods overlap. Nothing is set in stone, especially since production dates can be changed at any minute, but this is the safest bet with such little information to go on.

In the comics, Black Cat is known for being able to affect probability fields, tipping luck in her favor wherever she goes. This, naturally, is not a good thing for Peter Parker, somebody who's rather clumsy and inexperienced as it is. She's also extremely agile, much like Holland's hero, and would make a good match for the young web-Hhead.

Silver Sable

Marvel - silver sable

Based on the potential casting of a European actor, Silver Sable is our next best guess. Making up the other of Sony's Silver & Black movie, Silver Sablinova is from a small fictional Eastern European country known as Symkaria. We know Marvel Studios isn't adverse to changing origins and particular characteristics, but Silver Sable would line up perfectly while remaining true to the source material.

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Another femme fatale who has had multiple run-ins with Spider-Man, Silver Sable first met the web-slinger when she was going after the Black Fox, a geriatric jewelry thief. Working alongside NYC's Police Department, Spidey swooped in to recover some of the stolen goods, but let the relatively harmless villain escape. Something similar to that happening in the Homecoming sequel would be an ideal way to entwine the two characters' individual paths into one.


spider-woman tries to kill spider-man

Perhaps the biggest stretch of our three guesses is Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew. A popular superhero in the comics, Drew has been the subject of plenty of attention over the past decade or so, having been a part of New Avengers, her own self-titled series, Spider-Verse and more. Perhaps it's time for her to receive some attention from movie-goers.

Born in the UK before moving to Transia, Jessica is from south-east Europe, tying her in nicely to the aforementioned character description. Receiving her own spider-related powers after becoming ill from exposure to Uranium, Drew would be the perfect match for our young Spider-Man.

In Marvel Comics lore, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman have never been involved in a romantic way. Drew has always been incredibly intelligent, though, she perhaps she could need to gain the attention of Parker for her own selfish deeds. It may be a bit too on the nose to introduce another superpowered character with a "Spider-" prefix, but it could certainly make for a good story.

Debuting in theaters in 2019, the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is directed by Jon Watts and will star Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

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