Spider-Man Holland Wants to Face-Off Against Hardy's Venom

Tom Holland's Peter Parker may be dead right now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that hasn't stopped the actor from picking new foes when Spider-Man inevitably comes back to life. The one he'd love to go up against though isn't even in the MCU at the moment, but still, Holland's Spidey wants a piece of Tom Hardy's Venom.

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When asked by a guest at Ace Comic-Con in Seattle which Spider-Man villain he’d like to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland slowly contemplated before responding, “Maybe Venom?”

While it would be a delight to see the duo throw down, harkening back to Spider-Man 3, it doesn't seem likely anytime soon because Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, as well as the Russo brothers, have all made it clear Sony's Venom isn't in the MCU. It's not part of the deal they've struck for Holland's webhead so it seems the star was making the rather safe pick, or one simply to sate super-fans.

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That said, with the Venom movie out later this year, and Holland rumored to be in it as a cameo, there's still a glimmer of hope swinging around both men will eventually clash, maybe even offering the wall-crawler another crack at donning the symbiote's black suit.

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