Spider-Man: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Hobgoblin

While the Green Goblin may, in fact, be Spider-Man's greatest enemy of all time, there are many other great villains among his rogues' gallery. Actually Green Goblin isn't even the only goblin character that Spidey has gone up against.

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Another one of Spider-Man's formidable foes is the Hobgoblin. Using stolen technology from the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin quickly became one of the most formidable villains that Spider-Man has ever faced. While he has long been a great enemy of the wall-crawler, there was always a lot of mystery surrounding the Hobgoblin. Here are the ten things you didn't know about the Hobgoblin

10 Improved On The Goblin Formula

The original Hobgoblin, also known as Roderick Kingsley, was a bit of a genius. When he stole Green Goblin's equipment in order to become the Hobgoblin, he also made several improvements to the original designs.

The most notable of these improvements was on the Goblin Formula itself. Originally, the formula did give Norman Osborn many great powers but also made him go insane. Kingsley changed this formula so he could gain all the powers but not receive any of the negative side effects.

9 Multiple Hobgoblins

Although Roderick Kinglsey was the original Hobgoblin, there have been many others who took on the identity as well. Some of these were lackeys of Kingsley, while others were hoping to replace him.

Among these many other Hobgoblins include Ned Leeds, Arnold Donovan, Jason Macendale, Daniel Kingsley, and Phil Urich. Coming from all kinds of different backgrounds, these men all had one thing in common. They were all terrifying villains.

8 Hypnosis

Roderick Kingsley's version of the Hobgoblin had many abilities in addition to the ones that he stole from Norman Osborn. One of these was his ability to hypnotize others. Hobgoblin has used this power to manipulate good people to help him in his villainous schemes.

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A former employee of Norman Osborn's named Gerhard Winkler was actually the developer of this brainwashing technology. Kingsley stole the tech from him. Also, a minor supervillain named the Brainwasher, Winkler did a great job at making this technology quite effective.

7 Ned Leeds

A friend of Peter Parkers and boyfriend of Betty Bryant, it was an absolute shock when Ned Leeds had turned out to be masquerading as the Hobgoblin. Leeds had always been a great guy, and something about this reveal didn't exactly feel right.

It turned out that Kingsley had actually used his hypnotizing abilities to manipulate Ned into becoming another Hobgoblin. He did so in order to frame Ned Leeds and throw both the authorities and Spider-Man off of his trail. This tactic proved quite successful, for a time.

6 Deadpool

Most comic book fans might be surprised to learn that Wade Wilson himself, Deadpool, has also taken on the mantle of Hobgoblin. A mercenary for hire, Deadpool was eager to seek out some good work after escaping a hospice. He then took a job from the Wizard who contracted Deadpool to bomb a hanger dressed as Hobgoblin.

Deadpool put on the costume and bombed a hanger. In typical Deadpool fashion, however, it turns out that he bombed the wrong one. Since "completing" that job Deadpool has never taken on that identity ever again.

5 Greatest Villain of the '80s

Hobgoblin mystery

In the 1980s the Spider-Man character was at a bit of a crossroads. His introduction in the '60s was followed by the following introductions of many incredible villains. Once the '80s rolled around about a decade later the editors at Marvel wanted a new crop of villains to be introduced in order to freshen things up.

Because of this, Spider-Man's greatest enemies such as Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus rarely appeared. This void of an archenemy was filled by the Hobgoblin. For most of the Spider-Man comics of the '80s, it seemed as though Hobby was Spidey's greatest villain working behind the scenes to defeat the wall-crawler once and for all.

4 Voiced By Mark Hamill

In the '90s animated Spider-Man series, Hobgoblin played a prominent role as one of Spidey's greatest villains. Stealing the Green Goblins weapons, powers, and theme, Hobgoblin fought Spidey with quite a noticeable villainous glee.

Audiences might be surprised to learn that this iteration of Hobgoblin was voiced by none other than Mark Hamil himself. Most famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy, Mark Hamil also made a name for himself by voicing the Joker. Hamil didn't just copy his Joker voice for this role, instead bringing a few different tools to the table in order to make Hobgoblin still terrifying but in his own way.

3 Ultimate Hobgoblin

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, the story of Hobgoblin went quite a bit differently. In this universe, Green Goblin isn't simply Norman wearing a silly costume. Norman is actually transformed into a giant Hulk-like beast that can generate fireballs.

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Norman's son and Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn, is injected with the same Oz formula that turned his father into a giant monster. This transformed Harry into this universe's version of the Hobgoblin.

2 Demogoblin


Green Goblin has many derivatives, the most famous of which is in fact Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin has a few notable derivatives as well, the strangest of which is Demogoblin.

After Roderick Kingsley, the most notable Hobgoblin is without a doubt Jason Macendale. After Jason asks the demonic N'astirh for more power, he is bonded with a demon from Limbo. Together they formed Demogoblin, a terrifying supernatural version of the Hobgoblin.

1 Murdered By Phil Urich

Roderick Kingsley's brother, Daniel Kingsley, also took up the mantle of the Hobgoblin. Hoping to piggyback off of his brother's criminal success, Daniel found and took up his brother's old gear.

During an investigation into one of Roderick's old hideouts, Daniel discovers that Daily Bugle employee Phil Urich is also present with the very same intention. Phil Urich is able to gain the upper hand on Danel, decapitating him with the Hobgoblin energy sword.

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