Spider-Man, Hellboy, Punisher, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 8th


The eyes of the Comic Reel are everywhere. It seems comics scribe Paul Jenkins was at his wife's Christmas party in Atlanta. According to a source who emailed the Comic Reel, Jenkins was telling people that some part of the on-screen adventures of Peter Parker is based on his work. The scooper knows little about comics and could provide no more detailed information. The Comic Reel contacted Mr. Jenkins, who quite graciously replied as follows: "During the time when they were deciding upon a final script for the first movie I had a call from Ralph Macchio, who was my editor when I started on Spidey. Ralph told me the movie people had requested info on the current goings on inside the Spidey Universe and so he'd supplied them with PPSM and Amazing #25, which we'd just completed at the time. In that story, the Goblin decides Harry was a waste of his time and goes after Peter Parker, hoping he will become the new Green Goblin. Apparently, the movie people liked that and so they decided that would be Goblin's deal in the film. Frankly, I feel you can see influences of many of the current Spidey writers, so it's not just me. Spidey's undergone a renaissance in the last few years and I have no doubt (because I've been told so by people who know) that Bendis, JMS and myself are scrutinized fairly hard by people in the entertainment industry. I'm flattered by this and pleased that anything I did could have inspired anything or anyone, as that is my goal as a writer."


It's going to be a busy weekend for the makers of "Hellboy." Fans in New Jersey can see director Guillermo del Toro and actors Ron Perlman and Selma Blair at this weekend's Fangoria Convention in East Rutherford, NJ, according to Fangoria.com. The special presentation, which includes a chance to win original art, begins at 2PM on Saturday the 10th.

Fans in the Los Angeles are can attend a Q&A Film Preview of "Hellboy" with Del Toro on Sunday, January 11th, around 3:00 pm at the Media City Convention in North Hollywood, CA. Visit the Web site for location information.


Comics Continuum talked to the producers of the summer action flick. "This is a guy who has always abided by the law and only used those abilities when he was given orders," said Gail Anne Hurd. "And to have that whole sense of right and wrong turned on its head when he's powerless to do anything about his own family. And the fact that he's never going to get justice from the system that he upheld for so many years, that he devoted his life to. And that's what created The Punisher. It's more than just his family. It has to do with this whole system in which he has been a willing soldier not giving him the justice that he feels is deserved when killers walk free." Avi Arad chimed in, saying, "There's always the modicum of not getting a fair shake. But with him, it's at every level. He's always done the right thing, and has been taken advantage or seen injustices." The Continuum also features a photo of a bloody Thomas Jane as the Punisher being nursed back to health by Joan the Mouse, played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.


Superherohype talks about other Warner Brothers film updates, giving launch dates for "Catwoman" as July 30 and "Constantine" as September 17. They feature some spoilerish plot descriptions and a new photo of Keanu as John Constantine. In addition, Superherohype also interviewed actress Alex Borstein about her role as Catwoman's best friend Sally, without revealing anything too juicy.


The gang at Kryptonsite have new spoilers for an upcoming episode called "Resurrection."


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