Spider-Man has turned into a wedding (cake) crasher

When it comes to food-related television, I prefer Chopped, Top Chef and BBQ Pitmasters to the seemingly dozens of cake- and cupcake-decorating shows that dot the programming schedule. Therefore, I'm not familiar enough with the latest trends to guess where, or why, this originated, but apparently ... hiding a little Spider-Man on your wedding cake is now a thing.

That's according to Neatorama, which has been spotting edible wall-crawlers climbing out from underneath the fondant of otherwise normal cakes. Because what better to complete that four-tier cake with its hundreds of painstakingly crafted pink flowers than a tiny Wed-Head?

If it's merely a concession to that nerdy bride or groom then why, as io9.com asks, is it always Spider-Man? Perhaps it's some stealthy confectionery protest of "One More Day" ...

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