New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Teases the Sinister Six

A new extended gameplay trailer for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man shows the Wall-Crawler heading to one of the most foreboding places in the Marvel Universe -- the Raft. The trailer shows Spider-Man zipping around outside of the super prison before taking on several of its more high-profile inmates.

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Long-time fans will no doubt recognize several of the villains on offer, including Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Mr. Negative and a whole lot of fodder enemies for Spider-Man to kick, punch and web into oblivion. Another villain appears at the end of the trailer, but his or her identity is never revealed.

The total number of named villains to appear in the trailer is five. Including the last, unnamed villain, it would appear as though Insomniac is inching toward the reveal of their own Sinister Six. The sixth villain is also likely the person who organized the escape from the Raft and bankrolled the various villains’ new super suits, as numerous references are made to an outside benefactor with eyes on trapping Spider-Man in the Raft with his worst enemies.

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The sixth member could be anyone, but frequent Sinister Six members not featured in the trailer include Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. Each villain is crafty and resourceful enough to have organized such an elaborate prison break, but only time will tell who is responsible.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man releases on the PlayStation 4 on Sept. 7.

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