Spider-Man PS4 Game Swings in With Delightfully Retro Fan Trailer

spider-man ps4 retro fan trailer

Insomniac's Spider-Man game is almost two months away, and one fan has decided to give the game a retro trailer using the iconic theme from the 1960s animated series.

Made by YouTuber member Ascender, the trailer is presented in an appropriate 1960s film grain and features title cards for Mary Jane, Miles Morales, Wilson Fisk and the wall-crawler himself. And plenty of web-slinging action to go along with the music.

The Spider-Man game received a healthy dose of attention last month thanks to E3 and a new gameplay demo, which showcased an assortment of villains who will almost definitely become the Sinister Six. All they're missing is their sixth member, which may or may not be one Doctor Octopus.

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Set eight years after Peter Parker acquired his powers, the game kicks off with Wilson Fisk behind bars. This being New York, it isn't that simple for Peter, as a new crime boss by the name of Mr. Negative quickly shows up, putting Peter through the ringer and the whole city in danger. With Peter being so experienced, a variety of his villains will show up in the game, from Shocker and the aforementioned Negative to Electro and Black Cat.

Spider-Man swings exclusively onto the PS4 on Sept. 7.

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