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Thwip Pop: 15 Spider-Man Funko Pop!s You Have To Snag

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Thwip Pop: 15 Spider-Man Funko Pop!s You Have To Snag

Funko Pop! figurines have been around for a relatively short time, having hit the store shelves in 1998 (in various forms). Over time, the company broadened its scope and now produces dozens of new collectible figures that are released on a monthly basis. Because the main products are licensed figures, it makes sense that there would be a lot of examples of a character, such as Spider-Man, being given his popularity in the superhero collectible community. Fortunately, Spider-Man has been represented by so many artists wearing so many variations of his costume, there seems to be a never-ending catalog for Funko to choose from. The character has been around since he was first introduced in Amazing Fantasy #15, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Steve Ditko in 1962.

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When it comes to collectibility, a lot of these are not too expensive. Sure, we could have thrown together a list of the most valuable Spider-Man Funko Pop! figures, but we thought it would be more fun to go through the extensive list of available pieces and choose the absolute best. Granted, many will agree or disagree with our choices and some of these are certainly valued higher than the rest, but that’s half the fun. With that in mind, here are 15 of the Most Amazing Spider-Man Funko Pop! Figures Every Collector Must Have!

15. BLACK SUIT #79

Where would the modern version of Spider-Man be without his black & white suit? The suit made its first appearance in Secret Wars #8, written by Jim Shoooter and penciled by Mike Zeck, but was later used to introduce the character Venom and his subsequent offspring, Carnage. The new costume was a great adaptation for the character because, for the first time, his costume resembled a spider. Think about it: how many red and blue spiders have you seen?

The chest emblem was altered and he went all black. It was visually stark and stunning, and has led to some great character advancements. For the Pop!, the representation is excellent. The eyes even look a bit sinister while somehow maintaining the general adorable nature of the toy line. These aren’t too expensive and can be found for around $20-$30.

14. ACTION POSE #160

Nearly every Funko Pop! character holds a specific pose where their legs stand about shoulder width apart and their arms are at their sides. There are a few deviations from the standard form, but most of them follow the rule. The fact that this “Action Pose” version of Spiderman doesn’t follow the rules makes it a necessary addition to any collection.

The toy comes with a clear, plastic base that allows it to keep his feet up while he is shooting some webbing out of his left hand and holding his right hand out for balance. These tend to go for a little more than the Black Suit Spider-Man but aren’t too expensive, given that they can be purchased for between $25-$40. These were released in 2016 as part of the July Marvel Collector Corps series.

13. RED & BLACK #03

The Red & Black version of Spider-Man featured above was released exclusively via Hot Topic in 2016 and was chosen for this list solely for the aesthetic appeal. It isn’t an incredibly valuable figure either, going for an average of $15 from any collector. What the toy does feature is incredible detail and a unique look and feel that makes it a great addition to any collection.

What makes this figure so interesting is the costume’s color deviation. Spider-Man’s suit was modified when the series changed following the introduction of the Superior Spider-Man with the events of The Amazing Spider-Man #700, written by Dan Slott and penciled by Humberto Ramos, when Peter Parker was killed and replaced by Dr. Otto Octavius. The costume changed a few more times while he was in the driver’s seat, but this look was certainly impressive.


The Unmasked Spider-Man with Peter wearing his homemade suit was released in 2017 exclusively to WalMart and, possibly due to its prevalence on the marketplace and recent release, can be found for around $15. We wanted to feature this figure because it shows Peter without his mask and because it is of the Tom Holland Spider-Man wearing his homemade suit, which Tony Stark fortunately upgraded… significantly.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in early 2017, so there are a bunch of these on the market right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go up in value eventually. Even if it doesn’t, can you imagine having a homemade suit Spider-Man on your shelf but not having one with the hood off revealing Mr. Parker? We certainly hope not.


Spider-Man first used his stealth suit to combat Hobgoblin’s sonic screams by warping light and sound around it. This renders the suit ostensibly invisible, hence the term: stealth suit. There have been several variations of the suit, which was first used in The Amazing Spider-Man #650, written by Dan Slott with pencils by Humberto Ramos in 2011. The original suit had red and green highlights depending on the capabilities in use, but, as you can see from the Funko Pop! figure, they went with green to make it glow-in-the-dark.

The Stealth Suit has the ability to self-repair, is fireproof thanks to its being made of unstable molecules and comes with Anti-Metal Spider tracers. On Earth-616, Peter created the suit, but on Earth-94, Ben Reilly was the one who created it. It has made appearances on other Earths as well. On average, these go for about $20 online.


Our second unmasked Spider-Man features a version of Peter Parker who looks more like his comic book inspiration than a specific actor who has played the character. This figure was released exclusively to Comikaze (the former name of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con) in 2013 and is more sought-after than the others we went over so far. On average, you can expect to drop between $130 and $180 on one of these.

Peter is wearing his traditional blue and red costume while standing in the standard Funko Pop! pose. His left hand is ready to THWIP out some webbing while he is creating a fist in his right hand. We aren’t sure why Pete is getting ready to swing around town without his mask on, but we don’t really care!

9. BLACK & WHITE #03

The Black and White Spider-Man Pop! was released in 2011 and was exclusive to Fugitive Toys. These are a bit harder to find than some of the others on this list so you can expect to pay between $100-$130 to add it to your shelf. As you can see from the pose, it’s nearly identical to the Red and Black Spider-Man with one minor tweak to set it apart.

The obvious difference is the gray hue rendering the figure in black and white. Let’s call this one the Spider-Man from Stan Lee’s comic strip that has been running in newspapers across the world for decades. Whatever the reason they decided to shade the figure this way doesn’t really matter; it’s unique and a must-have for your collection.


There’s one thing all of the previous Spider-Man figures had in common: they were made of vinyl. This Spider-Man Pop! was released in 2011 and was exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con. These babies are pretty rare and will cost you between $650 and $900 on most sites. Granted, it’s still a vinyl figure, but it has a metallic sheen that makes it look exceptional.

One of the reasons these go for so much is that they were limited to a run of only 480 pieces. If you were lucky enough to grab one at the Con, you have a more complete collection than the rest of us. For everyone else, it’s going to cost you to place this bad boy on your shelf.


You might think this entry is a bit of a joke… Conan O’Brien as Spider-Man? Well, that’s exactly what we are looking at here and if you wanted to get yourself one of these, you are going to need to fork over some cash. These average between $115 and $150 online. The Conan as Spider-Man was released in 2017 exclusive to Team Coco at the San Diego Comic Con, which was an event hosted by Conan at the Con and had limited stores.

Conan didn’t limit himself to one awesome Spider-Man figure either. He was also made into The Flash, a Jedi, White Walker, Batman, Zombie, Superman, a StormTrooper, a monochromatic one and of course, a small representation of himself. These are very rare and highly collectible. Expect the value to continue to rise as collectors seek these out online.


Released in 2015 to Collector Corps, this Miles Morales Spider-Man Pop! is relatively easy to come by. They are usually found online for about $20 so adding him to your collection shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are wondering why you should even have a Miles Morales version of Spider-Man in your collection, you clearly aren’t a fan of Spider-Man!

Miles Morales was first introduced in Ultimate Fallout #4, written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer with pencils by Lee Garbett, Sara Pichelli, Bryan Hitch, Gabriel Hardman and Pasqual Ferry. He replaced Peter Parker after his death (in the Ultimate Universe), but made his way on over to Earth-616 to join the main Marvel Universe. He is now a member of the Champions and, as you can see, has a new look for his Spider-Suit that translates perfectly into a Pop!

5. SPIDER-MAN 2099 #81

When Marvel launched their Marvel 2099 Universe in 1992, they made a lot of changes to their characters. Not only did they reinvent them, they shot the concept of their superheroes and villains a century in the future and recreated them as different people. For Spider-Man, they altered his powers and gave them to a guy named Miguel O’Hara.

O’Hara acquired his powers in an attempt to alter his own DNA, but like any comic book character creation, things went awry. He grew claws that allowed him to cling to flat surfaces, got some super hearing, speed, strength and the usual repertoire of superhero powers. The Pop! version of O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099 is an absolute must for their collections and they can, fortunately, be acquired for around $25. It was released in 2015 exclusive to Walgreens, but many were made so they aren’t too hard to find.


The Spider-Man in his Homemade Suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in 2017 and is not rare. These can be found online, usually, for under $10 so they aren’t hard to find and add to your collection. The reason we wanted to feature this new Pop! to this list is entirely due to the suit itself. As you know, we already discussed the same figure unmasked, but had to also throw on this version of the same character wearing his hoodie.

When it comes to Spider-Man’s homemade suits, the one from Homecoming was screaming for a makeover and it’s easy to see why. He is basically wearing a hoodie with some odd goggles to help mask his face. Every collection needs a Spider-Man wearing a homemade suit and this one is a perfect addition to any collection.


When Dr. Otto Octavius took over Peter Parker’s body and became the new Spider-Man, he made some modifications to his suit. As he moved from changing to a black and red design, he embraced the more spider-like aspects of his character by adding four additional arms. This figure was released in 2017 and was exclusive to Walgreens. They go for around $25-$50 online.

Whether or not you enjoyed the short run of Superior Spider-Man books, no collection of Spider-Man figurines would be complete without one of these. Fans went crazy when Marvel decided to kill off Peter Parker and replace him with one of his most hated enemies, but it made for some interesting reading and also made a lot of changes to the character. In addition to some alterations to his tech, he helped Peter earn his Doctorate, which isn’t the worst thing Doc Oc has ever done.


You might think we threw this 2-pack onto the list because you get a kick-ass Iron Man figure alongside this Spider-Man, but the truth is, we love the Spider-Man so much, the Iron Man is just the icing on the cake. Spider-Man is standing in an action pose different from the Action Pose Pop! we featured above.

He is crouched and prepared to shoot off some webbing while Iron Man, which is a pretty cool figure, is just standing there. As this is a Spider-Man: Homecoming edition, it is a must for your collection that features the different versions of the character. These are a little pricier than most Homecoming Pop! figures, but you can generally find them for $30-$60. The set was released exclusively to Target in early 2017 to help promote the film.


During the Marvel: Civil War event, Peter Parker aligned himself with Tony Stark and his camp. This eventually changed and Peter switched sides, but not until Stark made him an Iron Spider Suit. In addition to Iron Man’s standard abilities to fly, repulsors and a slightly more durable suit (iron vs. spandex), it came equipped with four additional arms replete with cameras and other tech. The suit first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #529, written by J. Michael Straczynski and penciled by Ron Garney.

These Pop! figures were released in 2016 exclusive to Walgreens and can be found online for around $20-$35, so they aren’t too hard to find. The Iron suit didn’t last long in the series (when Peter left Tony, he used it against him), but it was an impressive addition to Peter’s closet.

Which of your favorite Spider-Man Funko Pop! figures did we leave off our list? Let us know in the comments!

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