10 Times Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Wasn't That Friendly

Spider-Man has often been a beacon of hope in the Marvel comics, fighting the good fight against myriad of villains, and protecting the innocent whatever the cost. However, there have been times when he's done some truly unspeakable things that question everything we thought we knew about him, making Peter Parker's complexity both fascinating and unnerving.

Known to many as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, it's hard to imagine that our favorite webslinger has been responsible for some rather horrendous incidents in his time, so we look at 10 times that he wasn't always that friendly, proving that with great power comes great irresponsibility as well.

10 Punched A Woman To Death

In Spider-Man vs Wolverine, the KGB want to kill an operative called Charlie - an old friend of Wolverine - which results in the two of them ending up in Berlin. She turns to Logan and asks that he kills her before the Soviet security agency get their hands on her and potentially do much worse.

This leads to a massive fight between the two heroes in a graveyard, and as it comes to a close, Charlie's wish is eventually granted, but not in the way everyone expected. After a hand touches Spidey's shoulder and his Spider-senses start tingling, he impulsively lashes out and punches Charlie - the one who touched him - straight in the face, killing her instantly.

9 Turned On Daredevil

Spider-Man's moral compass has spun out of control on a few occasions, allowing his rage to get the better of him. When a serial killer known as Sin-Eater murders police officer Jean DeWolff and almost kills Betty Brant, Parker loses his cool and almost beats him within an inch of his life.

Daredevil has been working with Spider-Man to capture Sin-Eater, but upon seeing his ally fuelled by anger, Murdock knows just what would happen if Spidey ended up killing the murderer. He tries to stop him and gets pushed out of a window for his troubles. Spider-Man then attacks Daredevil, but ends up coming to his senses before he goes too far.

8 Ate Morlun Alive

In the Spider-Man: The Other story arc, we see one of the most disturbing things Spider-Man has ever done. Whilst stopping a villain known as Tracer from robbing a bank, Spider-Man gets shot and ends up going to Doctor Castillo for help, but he finds out that he's dying from a disease caused by a radiated infection.

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Spider-Man begins to transform, and whilst lying in a hospital bed in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, Morlun the spider-hunting vampire feels the full force of Parker's mutations. Growing spikes from his wrist, Spider-Man pins Morlun to the ground and then feeds on his flesh with Mary Jane looking on in horror.

7 Hits His Pregnant Wife

As the Clone Saga reaches its end, Peter Parker and Ben Reilly do a DNA test to see who the real Spider-Man is. Parker ends up finding out that he is the clone and not Reilly. Obviously he doesn't take this very well, and the two Spider-Men get into a fight. Trying to stop him from doing something he'll regret, Mary Jane tries to stop the brawl.

As a result, Parker lashes out and hits his pregnant wife to the ground. He immediately regrets his actions, but it's too late. Of course, he didn't mean to intentionally strike her, but the deal is done and he feels terrible about it. MJ forgives him understanding the stress of the situation, but Parker is distraught and turns to the bottle as a coping mechanism.

6 Made A Deal With Satan

The Civil War had many repercussions in the Marvel Comics Universe, and Spider-Man's decision to side with Tony Stark (we'll get to that) led to Aunt May getting shot. Aunt May is pretty old, but without her alive, Peter Parker wouldn't be the same without her. Even though he's had many loves, such as Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, she is the only one that remains a constant source of good and purity in his life.

When Parker can't find a way way to save her, Mephisto shows up with an offer he can't refuse. In exchange for May's survival and Parker's identity becoming a mystery once again, he must sacrifice his marriage to Mary Jane. Spider-Man accepts, and as one final kick in the teeth, Mephisto shows Marvel's power couple the child they would've had.

5 Became The Jackal's Ally

After Peter Parker finds out that he isn't the real Spider-Man, he goes off the rails and makes one of the stupidest decisions he's ever made by teaming up with the Jackal. Normally when Spider-Man allies himself with one of his villains, there's at least an ulterior motive or two, but this time he seems to agree with the Jackal's plans to use cloning to strengthen the human race.

Spidey visits the Jackal's base, and the two seemingly team up, even as Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider tries to stop him from making a huge mistake. Thankfully, he comes to his senses before it's too late. but in Spider-Man's weak state, believing the Jackal's lies was certainly a low point.

4 Freely Allowed Venom To Leave Town

Of all the villains Spider-Man has had to face over the years, Venom is probably the most popular. Originally, Eddie Brock was a psychopath consumed by rage and hatred brought on by his bonding with the alien symbiote, but in time he's become a fan favorite and anti-hero.

In one of Spider-Man's most idiotic decisions, he decides to let Venom leave New York so that he doesn't have to deal with him anymore. One less threat to Parker is a huge benefit, but regardless of how many enemies he's had, you don't just let them go and allow them to become someone else's concern. Well, Parker did, and it went against everything Spider-Man believed.

3 Joined The Wrong Side In Civil War

The Superhuman Registration Act left many heroes conflicted when they were forced to either reveal their identity or keep it a secret. Tony Stark was the act's biggest supporter, and due to his alliance with Iron Man, Peter Parker chose to unmask himself on live television, despite previous consequences of villains knowing of his true identity before.

It led to an all-out war between those who believed in the rights of superheroes and those that didn't, creating a galactic prison to throw those that wouldn't comply into, as well as his beloved Aunt May getting shot. It was a stupid decision to make, and Parker suffered because of it.

2 Inadvertently Killed Uncle Ben

The most famous event to happen in the history of Spider-Man was the death of his Uncle Ben, and it also shone a light on the mantra given to him by his Uncle. In Spider-Man #15, Peter Parker did nothing to stop the robber at the studio where he was working as a wrestler trying to garner a bit of a celebrity status.

This allowed the criminal to murder Ben after an altercation in his home. With great power comes great responsibility, and this one act highlighted the definitive meaning behind those words. If Parker had just stopped the robber, he would've prevented the death of Ben. However, by doing so we probably wouldn't have gotten so many fantastic Spider-Man stories. Every cloud, and all that.

1 Ruined Aunt May's Happiness Multiple Times

Spider-Man may have saved many lives and made many people happy, but the one person who should be swimming in sunshine and rainbows is his Aunt May. Unfortunately, he's been responsible for ruining her love life many times, whether on purpose or not, all starting with the death of Uncle Ben.

In the One More Day story arc, he cancels out her budding romance with Edwin Jarvis, and at another time gives her boyfriend Nathan Lubensky a heart attack. May was almost married to Otto Octavius - one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies - but ends up dying in an explosion, and then there's the time he hesitates when it comes to saving her third husband's life from a mysterious disease. Poor Aunt May.

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