The Spider-Man Super-Villain Team That Everyone Just Forgot

In Left Unresolved, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved.

Reader Fabio R. wrote in with this one and I was super confused, as I was sure that I had featured it before, but I eventually discovered that I had talked about this team in a list about super-villain teams that everyone had forgotten about, so it was perfect for this feature!

In any event, in a storyline leading up to Web of Spider-Man #100 (by Terry Kavanagh, Alex Saviuk and Joe Rubinstein), a new villain on the scene, Blood Rose, was being hunted down by longtime Spider-Man villain (well, I guess he hadn't been that longtime of a villain at the time, but he had still been around for almost a decade), the Foreigner. The Foreigner hired a new supervillain team called the New Enforcers. Now, when you call yourselves the New Enforcers, you're taking on a lot of responsibility, because the original Enforcers included Steve Ditko and Stan Lee's finest creation, Fancy Dan.

This new team was made up of a trio of new villains (Blitz, Thermite and Tangle) and a bunch of old villains (Plantman, Dreadnought, Dragon Man, Eel, Super-Adaptoid and Vanisher).

Spider-Man's dumb ol' sense of responsibility wouldn't allow him to just let Blood Rose be killed, so he had to take on all of those villains at once to save Blood Rose. But how do you take on that many villains at once? Especially in a way that could possibly tie in with, say, a foil cover?

The answer, my friends, was blowing in the wind. Okay, my bad, it was a shiny SPIDER-ARMOR!

Spider-Man figured out a way to harden his webbing in such a way that it could work as body armor. He then took on the entire group of New Enforcers and defeated them, saving Blood Rose's life in the process (the armor eventually fell apart by the end of the fight).

However, at the end of the issue, we discovered that the New Enforcers weren't the REAL New Enforcers, but rather just a sort of group of cannon fodder members! The REAL New Enforcers were Mentallo, Fixer, Controller, Mister Fear and Madame Menace (among others we couldn't see).

They talked a big game but they were then never seen again. Eventually, the original Enforcers came back. You can't keep Fancy Dan down, people! You just CAN'T!!

Thanks for the suggestion, Fabio! If anyone else has a suggestion for a future installment of Left Unresolved, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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