Sorry, Spider-Man Fans - This Character Is Staying Dead (And Another Might Die)

At Friday's Marvel Comics: Spider-Man panel at New York Comic-Con, the recent fate of one of the comic's cast members was addressed, as well as the potential future of another.

When a fan asked about the recent death of longtime character Flash Thompson, current Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer stated that there were no plans to bring Peter Parker's one-time frenemy back any time soon.

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Flash, as Anti-Venom, was killed by Norman Osborn, as the Red Goblin, in the finale of previous series writer Dan Slott's run in Amazing Spider-Man #800. Ironically, Osborn had also been dead for some time, but made his eventual and lasting return.

A trailer for Marvel's upcoming Spider-Geddon event was later screened at the panel. Another fan subsequently asked about the future of Ben Reilly, Peter's most famous clone, and executive editor Nick Lowe cited Spider-Geddon provided an ominous response.

"You should be concerned," Lowe said. "Things are looking bleak for him." Lowe didn't specifically state that Ben wouldn't survive the event, however.

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It's unlikely Flash Thompson will be seen again for awhile. Ben Reilly, however, will begin to face his dire future in Spider-Geddon #1, on sale October 10.

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